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An elliptical shape that feels warm

An oval plate that feels warmth in the natural deflection unique to handicrafts.Looking at the gentle touch of the mimosa, which conveys the warmth of a picture book, makes me feel at ease.


The flower pattern makes the table bright and gorgeous

Just by placing a soft and gentle flower-patterned container on the table, it will brighten up and brighten up.Table coordination will be more fun as it will complement the served dishes more gorgeously.


A container that makes it fun to use

The paintings are based on the motifs of flowers and creatures that you see while taking a walk.A container that you always get every day.As you always keep in mind to make a container that is fun to use, it makes you feel warm and enjoyable.


Bright and nice no matter what you serve

The gentle yellow color is a cute mimosa that catches your eye, so your usual dining table becomes lively and bright and fun. Curry, pasta, sandwiches, pork cutlets, dumplings, and any other dishes will be bright and wonderfully colored.


Because each item is handmade, there are individual differences such as color, shape, size , weight, uneven glaze, glaze pool, and subtle differences in patterns and patterns. In addition, there are some cases where glaze is applied differently, pinholes, and iron powder (black spots) are seen, but there is no problem in using it.Please enjoy it as a unique expression unique to handmade products. You cannot choose which item you will receive, but we hope you will look forward to it until you receive it.If you are interested, please contact us before shipping and we will email you the photo.

◆◆ List of containers by Natsuko Morino ◆◆

Product details

Producing area Japan
material Pottery

Vertical width: Approximately 18-18.3 cm
Width: about 26cm
Height: Approximately 3.5 cm
Weight: Approximately 470g

electronic machine

Microwave oven: △ * Not recommended
Dishwasher: Not possible
Oven: Not possible
Direct fire: Impossible

  Natsuko Morino MORINO Natsuko
the year 1995 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Crafts
year 1996 Worked at the ITO atelier (studied under Kasama and Kimizo Ito)
1998 Worked at Mariko Kobo (studied under Mariko Ijuin)
2001 Built kiln in Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

Recommended care methods and precautions from Natsuko Morino
〇 No need to seal before use
〇 If you leave dark foods or strong odors on for a long time, the odors and colors will transfer and it will be difficult to remove them, so wash them as soon as possible after use and dry them thoroughly. Please store

◆◆◆ We talked to you at Natsuko Morino's workshop from here ◆◆◆

  Understanding about "container"
〇Since each item is handmade, there will be individual differences in color, shape, pattern, size, thickness, weight, etc. Also, even with the same glaze and soil, color unevenness and shades will appear.
〇Since the paintings are also hand-painted one by one, the facial expressions may differ.
〇 Depending on the product, small holes, small black spots, line scratches, protrusions, pinholes, rattling, and distortion may be seen depending on the manufacturing process.
〇 The image of the product is processed so that the color is as close to the real thing as possible, but the color and texture may look different depending on the display screen of your computer or smartphone.
〇 At our shop, we not only inspect the manufacturers, kilns, and writers, but also deliver the ones that have cleared the final inspection at our shop.
〇 As the product photos are taken as samples, the details of the delivered products may not be the same.
〇 We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. Please purchase after understanding and understanding.
〇 We hope that you will enjoy it as a "taste" and "interesting" unique to handmade products that are not found in mass-produced products at factories!

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