Kagami mochi

A glass kagami mochi has arrived from "Gokurakuji Garasu Kobo", which has a workshop in the valley of Kamakura Gokurakuji.The surface is a cute kagami mochi with a rough texture like a real mochi and a rounded texture. The sizes are large, medium and small.

The scenery of making glass kagami mochi Here
We talked to Gokurakuji Garasu Kobo at the workshop. Herefrom

ガラス鏡餅 小(黒台付き)|極楽寺がらす工房

ガラス鏡餅 小(黒台付き)|極楽寺がらす工房

Regular price ¥3,300

ガラス鏡餅 中(黒台付き)|極楽寺がらす工房

Regular price ¥5,500

ガラス鏡餅 大(黒台付き)|極楽寺がらす工房

Regular price ¥8,800
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