Overseas Shipping is Available !

Dear Overseas Customers,

Welcome to our Online Shop '' Shiki Oriori '' ! 

Our store name ''Shiki Oriori'' means enjoy each season. Because Japan has four distinct and beautiful four seasons, and at each time, a culture of enjoying life such as what to eat and what to wear has been nurtured. Therefore, various ingredients and food cultures and also tableware, living utensils that accompany them have been made. Our shop sells wonderful products made by Japanese ceramic artists and small kilns. We would like to deliver our high quality and unique Japanese hand-crafted potteries and porcelain to you from Japan.

Please contact us by E-mail ( info@shikioriori-store.com )., If you would like to order an Overseas Shipping.  Delivery fee will be calculated according to the weight and country / region. We will send it by EMS  (Express Mail Service) or Courier. If you want to wave the cost, you would consider to use forwarding services. tenso.com . In this case, we just send to address for forwarding service in Japan and packing is not for international shipping.

overseas shipping

※ It is not available specify the date and time for overseas delivery. The free shipping service shipped within Japan is not applicable. Paypal and Credit card are acceptable.  but., COD (Cash on delivery) is not acceptable. 

If you have any inquiries., please do not hesitate contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mona from owner of '' Shiki Oriori ''