Cleaning of the Utsuwa

If you are using a daily porcelain, it is also possible to puzzle with stains on the plate without knowing the characteristics of the pottery. But if you know something a little bit, you can use the important depression longer.


Yakiso is roughly divided into "4 types"

"Ceramics" and "porcelain", "bureage" and "pottery" that do not apply glaze.
As a typical burning pottery, the prepriser is about this.

What is the difference between pottery and porcelain?
Will us use a commonly used tie and porcelain?
The two may be difficult to distinguish, but the big difference is first the raw material. The pottery uses "clay", but the porcelain is "stone" as a raw material.

Therefore, the pottery is called "soil" and the porcelain is called "stone".

○ Visible compared to porcelain
○ After washing, moisture remained and the moisture penetrated into the bowl is caused by mold, so it will be dry enough.
○ It is difficult to cool and cool
○ Main production site: Karatsu, Sakai, Mino, Money, etc.

○ Strong compared to pottery
○ After washing, wipe the water and get it immediately
○ Easy to heat and cold
○ Main production site: Arita, Kudani, Toba, Kyoto etc

How to get a pottery

Before using

"Pottery"There is a water-absorbent because it has an innumerable small hole. If you use it without "stop", oil and juice will enter smell, stains, discoloration, and it may cause mold. To use the important depression for a long time, please do "stop" before use.

1. Boiled with rice sharp soup
Dips in a sharp juice soaking in the whole of the peanuts, and boil it on a low heat of about 15-20 minutes. (※ Please be careful not to boil.) If there is no sharp juice, you can stop even if it is replaced by one or two tablespoons, or one-two cups of flour flour.

2. Wait until cold 
After boiling, keep the sharp soup of the pot remain as it is.

3. Dried after rinsing with water
After cooling the sandy juice, wash water and wipe it up and wipe the moisture with a fabric and dry it thoroughly if it dries thoroughly.

場合 If the time of stopping work can not be taken easily
It is also effective even if it is possible to get in the grid and water for a while (1 to 2 hours).

Depending on the Tsunoto, you may not recommend it so much because you use the juice juice and susceptible to dryness. In addition, it may be post-processed before shipment. Since the recommended ways of each work of Mr. Konoto and the writer are described, please refer to each product page.

"porcelain"Since there is little unevenness, there is no need to do "stop" because water is almost not passed.

How to keep in mind

There are many holes in the pottery and penetration, and if soup or oil enters, it becomes stain or causing mold. Therefore, if you expose it to water before serving the food, you will prevents you to prevent it. After using it, washing with a washing bowl and dishes are likely to be slippery. Especially with crosstals such as powdered, it is a bit carefully. When drying, place it on top of towels or dry sheets, etc. and dry so as not to overlap. Ceramics (soil) should be dried well before it is before.

A color painting and a pattern of gold and gold can be painted when it is strong. Please wash gently with sponge etc.

If you do not overlap the pottery and porcelain, let's get along with each other.

Both porcelain are safe to use. However, the microwave is not available to the picapika pattern of golden gold patterns.

Since pottery (soil) is weak and moisture, it is easy to heat, so the microwave and dishwasher do not recommend even if it is easy to use. It will be weaker by repeated use, so it will suddenly get into and broken. If you want to use it, be careful not to take out from the refrigerator as soon as possible, so please be careful and use it.

Handling handling method of hand work

[I'm a plate This] I think I'm going to see '' Utawa Tsu '' if I know it!


I'm using it every day, but surprisingly. If you know a little, you know about the baked goods you want and shop smoothly and convenient.

[Each name of the う】]

1. Mass (Koen), Valley, Origami (Toru)
It is a part of the person's mouth touching.
The "rim" of "rim plate rim dishes" is the part of this.
By the way, rim (RIM) is a part of the outer frame of wheels such as cars.
It is a part that is also greatly influenced by the touch.

2. Expected (Mikomi)
It is the inside of the endure.
There is also a possibility that the depth of the plate may be represented, such as "expected deep pot", but it may show the inner central side part.

3. Torus(How)
A torso of a long time. Teacan is a place where patterns are often given.

Name of the place

4. Takamadaki (Kodai Waki)
It is around the outside of the highway.

5. Taketa (such as this)
A part of the table on the side of the end.

6. Haist(Koshi)
The lower part of the torso is from the high-standing.

[The size and how to use the つ】]

Japanese dishes are indicated by dimensions or identical to diameter. One dimension (No.) is 3.3 cm. If it is about 3 cm, 5 units are a plate with a 15 cm diameter diameter. In addition, the "size" of kanji is a hieroglyph character that adds a finger in the shape of the right hand, and the original dimension seems to be a body scale pointing to the width of the thumb. Speaking of which, the character of "size" looks like looking at the thumb from above. In addition, one scale is about 30.3 cm and the length from the person's fingertip to the elbow, and one dimension is 1/10.

Bean dish~ 3 dimensions (about 9 cm in diameter)
Fill seasoning and a little appetizer, chopsticks, snacks, etc. It is fashionable on the platea of ​​the platter or chopsticks. It is recommended that you want to incorporate it from the bean dish when you want to adventure a table corde a little bit.

Small dish4 dimensions (about 12 cm or less diameter)
Even soy sauce and tasting dishes, pickles and small appetizers, as a side dish plate. Active as a platter dishes.

Medium5 to 7 dimensions (about 15 cm to 21 cm in diameter)
If it is a side dish or cake, 5 dimensions. If it is a bread, it is 6 dimensions. If it is a main dish for one person, 7 dimensions. It is also possible to save various platter dishes (a microphic dish). It is an easy-to-use size.

Large dish8 dimensions (about 24 cm in diameter)
Main dish of main dish. 8 size Hall cake and pasta. Perfect for the use of the bullet. If it is 9-sized dish, it is a home party in a home party.

※ 1 size = 3 cm

As mentioned above, we have stated in reference, but I think it is fun to devise how to use the device.

In addition, pottery takes a little time, but it has been a taste with the year, as "fostering the bowl". I'm glad if you have a taste of "your own."

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