About us

Hello. It is Shikioriori (Shikioriori).

It is an online store launched with a couple with the idea that we would like to deliver Japan and countries pottery, porcelain and lady tools based on the concept of "enjoying the shift of the four seasons".

We have long overseas life, finding time, went out overseas focusing on Asia, and had a walk and a grocery store.

In that country, I touched my design pottery, porcelain, miscellaneous goods, touching my skin, and I felt that there are motifs and sizes that are not particularly apparent in Japan, and the individuality was rich.

On the other hand, since there were many opportunities to visit various parts of Japan, one by one made of Japan, the highly carefully created beautiful delicacy and quality, the height of the quality is now very enjoyable.

Beginning with buying and aligning their favorite things every time you travel,
I started thinking that I could deliver such wonderful things.
A thing that always uses everyday to do daily life, something that touches the hand, and the eye touching. When I was in the first time, I think that the living surrounded by "I love" is naturally smile, and I think that the feelings are rising, calm or people.

We hope that you can find your favorite pottery, porcelain, lady tools and grew up a pleasant time.

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