Q1. I placed an order, but I haven't received an email.

A. An automatic reply email will be sent to you when you place your order. In addition, we will ship the item within 3 days (excluding Sunday) after ordering.At the product shipping stage, we will send you an email including the shipping company's slip number. If you do not receive the e-mail, it may be sorted to the wrong e-mail address, junk folder, promotion, campaign e-mail, etc., so please check the folder. Also, as is often the case when using mobile email, it may not be possible to receive emails from your computer.Set it to receive or set the address to contact Our shop Please let us know.

Q2. I would like to know the arrival information.
A. We will notify you of new arrival schedule information by e-mail newsletter (irregular) as soon as possible.Registration is top page T here is a registration point at the bottom of, so please register! also, LINE friend registration We will send you a notification several hours before the sale starts, so you can receive the information without leaking it. note that, Instagram twitter Facebook However, we will inform you from time to time. Please follow the shop and get information!

Q. I want to reserve the product.
A. Depending on the artist's pottery making situation, the price, design, color, etc. may change from the previous ones, so we will accept your order after the item is surely in.
In addition, a button called "Notice of restocking" will be displayed on the page of sold-out products. If you set the notification, you will be notified by e-mail when it arrives, so please use it. * However, please note that we do not guarantee inventory. Also, because it is a handmade work, it may differ from the previous color and texture.If you think that the image is different on our side, we will replace the product photo, so we recommend that you check before purchasing.

Q3. I want to cancel my order.
A. In principle, we do not accept cancellations or exchanges due to customer convenience (order mistakes, image differences, etc.).If the item you received is different or damaged, within one week after delivery Our shop Please contact (info@shikioriori-store.com).

Q4. The product was different from the one in the photo, so I would like to replace it.
A. Most of the products we handle are handmade by the artist and kiln, and there are individual differences and none of them are the same.In addition to the inspection by the artist and the kiln, we sell the products that have been cleared by our inspection standards.We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not accept cancellations or exchanges due to individual differences.If you are interested, we can send you an image of the product you actually send by email before shipping. Our shop Please contact us .

Q5. I would like to bundle multiple orders.
A. If you receive multiple orders on the same day or almost at the same time, please indicate your request for inclusion in the remarks column when ordering, or if you contact us by the morning of the day after the order date, we will do it together. I will send it. If you wish Our shop Please feel free to contact us at (info@shikioriori-store.com) .. In that case, the shipping fee will be charged only once and the difference will be refunded.In addition, please note that if you do not contact us until the morning of the next day, or if you do not receive a reply by the deadline of the delivery confirmation email from our shop, it will be shipped as ordered. If you choose to pay by postpaid (Paidy), we will support it in the same package, but we will not be able to refund the shipping fee adjustment.Please note.

Q6. When I was using it, mold grew.
A. Pottery tends to contain more water than porcelain or semi-porcelain, and insufficient drying can cause stains and mold. Also, woodworking products tend to be moist, so be sure to dry them thoroughly after use.Please refer to each product page for recommended care methods for each product. How to care for the container

Q7. Can I use a microwave oven or dishwasher?
A. Most of Kimoto's porcelain and semi-porcelain can be used without any problems.However, we do not recommend individual writers' vessels, even if they are porcelain or semi-porcelain, because they are often delicately made. Also, please refrain from using pottery as compared to porcelain and semi-porcelain, if you use a microwave oven or dishwasher for a long time, the fabric will shrink and cause deterioration. If it is absolutely necessary, we recommend using it warm.Items with gold or delicate work are not allowed regardless of whether they are pottery, porcelain or semi-porcelain.Please refer to each product page for recommended care methods for each product. How to care for the container

Q8. What kind of packaging do you come with?
A. At our shop, we believe that it is very important for the artist to safely deliver wonderful works created with all his thoughts to our customers.This is because I want to avoid the excitement and excitement of opening my luggage and the momentary disappointment of damage.Therefore, we wrap the packaging as carefully as possible.Is it a little overpacked? You may think that this is the case, but I hope you understand that it is for the creator to protect the works that were created with time and effort.In addition, although the part that the work touches is not used, some recycled materials may be used for the part that does not touch.Please note.

Q9. Where is the delivery company?
A. We use basic Yamato Transport.However, although there are few cases, it may be sent by Japan Post or Sagawa Express depending on the situation of the delivery area.

Q10. Can you ship it overseas? Do you accept International Shipping?
A. Yes!We will also ship overseas. Some countries can be purchased directly from online stores.Currently, the number of target countries is increasing! If you cannot find your country or region and wish to ship overseas Email Please let us know at. Payment can only be made by credit card or Paypal, and cash on delivery is not available.We will ship by EMS (Express Mail Service), which can be delivered to 120 countries around the world, and the shipping fee will be calculated according to the weight of the product and packing material, and the destination country. In addition, please note that free shipping service and specified date are not applicable to overseas shipping.

Sure!  For some specified countries and areas, you can purchase trough our web site directly. But., Id you can not find your places contact us (info@shikioriori-store.com) If you would like to order an Overseas Shipping.  Delivery fee will be calculated according to the weight and country / region. We will send it by EMS (Express Mail Service) or Courier. It is not available specify the date and time for overseas delivery. The free shipping service shipped within Japan is not applicable. Credit Card and Paypal is available and COD (Cash on delivery) is not acceptable.  More details here

Q11. Do you do gift wrapping ?
A. Yes.We accept wrapping by wrapping it in "Ogawa Washi", which is a specialty of Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture, and attaching a decorative string made of silk or mouton material. If you wish, you can find it at the top of the cart on the product page'''' gift wrapping Please select''.In addition, 280 yen is charged as a wrapping fee.For more information Here Please refer to the.

Q12. Can I change the registered e-mail address or address?
A. The e-mail address cannot be changed by the customer from the viewpoint of security. If you wish to change it Our shop Please contact (info@shikioriori-store.com).The address and phone number can be changed. In that case, after logging in, click "Confirm address" ⇒ "Edit", enter a new address, and then Check "Register this address as a shipping address" and click "Update address" to complete the address registration.


Log in from "Do you already have an account here?" On the checkout screen.

If you check "Register this address as a shipping address", you can select the address on the check-in screen.


This is the first work only.After selection, the registered address will be automatically reflected until it is changed.

* You may be asked to log in again after "Confirming your address". In that case, please change from "Confirm address" after logging in again with the registered e-mail address and password.

Q13. I would like to order a large quantity.
A. If you would like to order more than our stock, we will check with the artist and kiln, so once Our shopPlease contact (info@shikioriori-store.com).

Q14. Do you wholesale? 
A. Yes.Details vary depending on the product, so Our shop Please contact us.

Usage guide Here

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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