Q. I ordered but I do not receive an email.

A. Automatic reply email is returned when ordering. In addition, even in the product shipping stage, we also send mail including the delivery company's document number. If you do not receive an email, you may be distributed to your email address input errors, budding folders, promotions, campaign emails, etc. Please check the folder. In addition, many of the mobile emails are available, but in the customer's side settings, you may not be able to receive emails from your computer. Make it possible to receive or contact meOur shopPlease let me know.

Q. I want to know the arrival information.
A. New arrival planned information will be provided in Mail Maga (irregular).
Registrationtop pagePlease register by all means as there is a registration place at the bottom of the Also,InstortwitterFacebookThen we will guide you at the same time as the launch. Please follow the shop and try to get information!

Q. I want to keep the product.
A. Depending on the work of the writer, it may change from the price, design, color, etc., and we have been ordering after sure that the item is in our shop.(Other than the product of the pre-order format)However, there is also a time when the shortage product is scheduled to be restocked, so if you want to check the informationOur shopPlease contact me.

Q. I want to cancel the order.
A. Cancellation of customer convenience (order errors, image differences, etc.), exchanging is not provided in principle. Please contact our shop ( within one week after delivery if the received product was different.

Q. I want to replace it because the product was different from the picture.
A. Products handled by our shop are mostly handmade, and there are many homemade things that are made, and there is no individual difference. In addition to the writer, Mr. Konimoto-san, we sell those cleared on our standard. Excuse me, but cancellation and replacement for individual differences are not received. If you are concerned, it is possible to email photos before shipping, soOur shopPlease contact me.

Q. If you use it, mold has grown.
A. The pottery tends to include moisture than porcelain and semi-machine, which causes stains and mold if drying is insufficient. Please try to dry firmly after use. Please refer to each product page as we describe how to keep the recommended care for each product.How to keep in mind

Q. Can I use a microwave or dishwasher?
A. Most of the porcelain and half magnetic units are available without any problems. It can be used if the pottery is about to warm up, but it is not very recommended. Many writers and 元 は are also many pottery, and using a microwave and dishwasher will cause fabric contraction and cause deterioration. This also describes how to keep the recommended care for each product for each product page.How to keep in mind

Q. Can you send it out overseas? Do You Accept International Shipping?
A. Yes! We will ship overseas. Please let us know by email ( if you wish to ship overseas. Payment is a credit card or PayPal only with product cash on delivery. We will ship with EMS (international speed mail) that can be delivered 120 kongmong worldwide, and shipping costs are calculated by the weight of the product and packaging material and the destination country. Also, please note that free shipping service and date specification will not be eligible for overseas shipping.

Sure! Please contact us ( If you would like to order an Overseas Shipping. Delivery fee will be calculated according to the weight and country / region. We will send it by EMS (Express Mail Service) or Courier. It is not available specify the date and time for overseas delivery. The free shipping service shipped within Japan is not applicable. Credit Card and Paypal is available and COD (Cash on delivery) is not acceptable.

Q. I would like to order a large amount of quantity.
A. If you would like to order more than the stock of our shop, we will check the writer and Mr. Konimoto, so please contact me once (

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In addition, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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