gift wrapping

A gift for loved ones.I will wrap it with all my heart. 
(Paid: 280 yen)

We will wrap it in high quality and quaint Ogawa Japanese paper in Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture.After wrapping, tie it with a soft silk tweed or soft mouton string.

gift wrapping

* After carefully wrapping with a mirror mat and bubble wrap, we will wrap with Ogawa Japanese paper.
The photo is a reference example.The color of the decorative string may change depending on the season, such as the color of Japanese paper and the amount of dust. also, If the item cannot be wrapped due to the shape or size of the item, it may be designed like a hanging paper instead of being wrapped in Japanese paper, or the item may be wrapped separately. Please note.

◆◆ How to use ◆◆

You can use it on each product page "Add to cart" button'' ギフトラッピング '' Please select the color of the decorative string "red" or "blue". Also, please fill in the usage for your reference.

In addition, it is possible to respond without attaching a decorative string, so please indicate so.


◆◆◆ Seasonal mini rose wrapping with pressed flowers ◆◆◆ 

It is a wrapping with a cute mini rose pressed flower that is perfect for Mother's Day.You can use it for the same amount as normal wrapping. (280 yen)
* You can use it even if it is not a gift for Mother's Day.It will end as soon as there are no pressed flowers.


On the selection screen, " Mother's Day 🌹 With pressed flowers of mini roses Please select.


We will include our shop card together with the description of the item and in case you have any inadequacies or questions.

We will respond politely so that we can deliver your thoughts.Please use it.

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