Iga ware kiln former Haseen

伊賀焼窯元 長谷園の通販

The soil used in Iga ware is the soil of the stratum that contains a lot of organisms and plants that lived about 4 million years ago, and it creates finer pores when fired at high temperature. The pores slowly warm the ingredients and create a clay pot that has a high heat storage capacity and is difficult to cool.Iga ware pottery Haseen is made every day with the aim of making better products by making the best use of the precious resource of pottery clay.

I visited Mr. Hasezono from Iga, Mie Prefecture. Here from


Iga clay pot Shiramaru (for 1 to 2 people) | Iga ware kiln former Haseen

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Iga clay pot Kuromaru (for 1-2 people) | Iga ware kiln former Haseen

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伊賀土鍋 飴釉(2~4人用)|伊賀焼窯元 長谷園

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