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A cup that feels handmade warmth Carefully made singe and ivory

color with a soft impression. The surface has a moist and matte texture, so you can feel the kindness unique to hand work.

わかさま陶芸のKinari 鎬モダンマグカップ

Easy to hold and easy to use The width of the handle is about

1.5 cm, and the center line is slightly recessed, so it is a very easy-to-hold shape without wobbling even if you hold it with one hand.


Storage to show off the beautiful

handle is a cute design that is slightly attached to the upper part. Because it can be stacked, it is easy to store the cupboard. You can also enjoy the gentle form as a storage that shines as the interior of the kitchen or room.


The diameter of mugs, soup cups, and fruit bowls is about 10.5 cm wide, so it goes well with hot drinks with plenty of time, as well

as soup cups full of korokoro vegetables. It is a universal cup that can be used in various scenes such as yogurt with fresh cut fruit and cereal.


Wakasama Ceramics's products are made into "available items" that store plenty of important time as they are used. It is Mashiko ware with warmth made with nature in a workshop of nature. ◆◆ Click here for a list of Wakasama ceramics and other works ◆◆ Product details Production area Japanese material Pottery Size caliber : About


  10.5 cm (about 14 cm including the hand)
Height : About 7.5 cm
Weight : Approx. 287g Electronics Microwave Oven : Dishwasher : Yes Oven : No Open

Flame :



Wakasama Pottery Wakasama Pottery


1991 Ceramic artist Kengo Wakabayashi established "Tobo Wakasama" in




with the desire to deliver handmade things that feel the breath of nature.

Understanding about "Uwa" 〇 For handmade one by one, individual differences occur in color, shape,
pattern, size, thickness, weight, etc. In addition, uneven color and shade come out even in the same glaze and soil.
〇The expression may be different because the painting is also hand-drawn one by one.
〇 Depending on the product, there may be small holes, small black dots, wire scratch, protrusions, pinholes, pinching, and distortion depending on the manufacturing process.
〇The image of the product is image processing to bring it as close to the real thing as possible, but there is a case where the color taste and texture look different depending on the display screen of your PC or smartphone.
〇In our store, we deliver not only inspections of manufacturers, potters, and artists, but also those that have cleared the final inspection at our store.
〇 Since the product photograph becomes a sample photograph, the product to be delivered is not the same to the details.
〇 We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. Please purchase after understanding and understanding.
〇 I would be happy if you could enjoy it as "taste" and "fun" unique to handmade products that are not found in mass-produced products at the factory!


Recommended care method from Wakasama Ceramics 〇 Please use it after watering for about 1 to
2 hours before using only the first time. It is not necessary to boil the rice or put it with rice togijiru.
〇The original texture of pottery is left. If you are comfortable with the rim of the cup (where it hits the mouth) or the height (bottom part), please use fine sandpaper (#120番以上) to lightly polish it before using.



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