24cm Plat plate 鳥竹松花 | Naoko Yoshimura

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A pattern using a scraping technique A technique called "scraping" is used to paint soil that colors indigo and scrape the pattern


with a needle-like tool. Because it is a work that takes a lot of time and effort, it is finished in a unique texture with warmth.


The taste of "Wa" touching the kotostring, the style, and the pattern are somehow nostalgic, and it is a mysterious

charm that softens the mind when you look at it. Indigo like ink color, the picture of animals and plants and flowers that appear in picture books of Japanese old stories makes you feel comfortable.

吉村尚子さんのフラットプレート Flat plate with a special

feeling Flat plate without rims will create an elegant table. It is the perfect plate for how to enjoy a special feeling that you want to enjoy a different atmosphere than usual.


Because it is a calm atmosphere with a Japanese atmosphere on everyday use and hare day, sashimi, sushi, Japanese sweets, etc. are perfect, but it looks good even if you

put appetizers, prosciutto, cheese. If you use it for a party where family, friends, and friends gather on a good day such as New Year's day or hina matsuri, the gorgeousness will be improved.


There are individual differences such as color, shape, size, weight, glaze unevenness, etc. for handmade one by one. In addition, there are pinholes and iron powder (black dots), but there is no problem with use. Please enjoy it as a unique individuality and taste unique to handmade. You can't choose which items will arrive, but we hope you'll be looking forward to receiving them. If you are interested, please contact us before shipping and we will email you a separate photo, so please feel free to contact us.

◆◆ Naoko Yoshimura, click here for a list of other detailed products ◆◆ Product details Production area Japanese material semi-porcelain


size Diameter : About 24 cm Height :
About 1.3 cm
Weight : About 698 g

Electronics Microwave Oven : If it is about warm, we recommend washing your meal : △ We recommend hand washing Oven : No open fire : Naoko




Prefecture in 1980


Yoshimura YOSHIMURA Naoko Born in Iga City, Mie  
2003 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Department of Ceramics, 2005 Osaka University of Arts, Graduate School of Art and  
Design, Master's Program, Finished 2007  



Naoko Yoshimura's workshop visit in Iga City, Mie Prefecture



Understanding about "Uwa" 〇 For handmade one by one, individual differences occur in color, shape,
pattern, size, thickness, weight, etc. In addition, uneven color and shade come out even in the same glaze and soil.
〇The expression may be different because the painting is also hand-drawn one by one.
〇 Depending on the product, there may be small holes, small black dots, wire scratch, protrusions, pinholes, pinching, and distortion depending on the manufacturing process.
〇The image of the product is image processing to bring it as close to the real thing as possible, but there is a case where the color taste and texture look different depending on the display screen of your PC or smartphone.
〇In our store, we deliver not only inspections of manufacturers, potters, and artists, but also those that have cleared the final inspection at our store.
〇 Since the product photograph becomes a sample photograph, the product to be delivered is not the same to the details.
〇 We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. Please purchase after understanding and understanding.
〇 I would be happy if you could enjoy it as "taste" and "fun" unique to handmade products that are not found in mass-produced products at the factory!


Recommended care method from Naoko Yoshimura Because it
is 0.5 porcelain, there is basically no need to look at it. We recommend cups because they are hard to color if you keep an eye on them. 〇 Please refrain from using the microwave oven for gold
and silver colors.


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