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Too cute "e g g" form

The form of an egg that catches your eye in an instant. Drinking hot tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. with such a lovely mug will make you feel better. Home time and break time will be more and more fulfilling.


Powdered white that feels warmth

Powdered with a soft look and white makeup.I feel the warmth of the appearance of slightly red spots like light pink, which is called a book peculiar to powdering. The Kuresu-colored lines drawn by freehand are also wonderful.


Gentle and soft mouthfeel

It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and has a moderate thickness and a gentle mouthfeel. It has a bulging shape and a slightly squeezed mouth, which makes it difficult to cool the drink.


To accompany a relieved breath

I want to drink in my favorite cup during busy hours in the morning, between work, and snacks in the afternoon. If you drink Japan ese tea, Chinese tea, herbal tea, etc. in such a cute cup, you will feel relieved both physically and mentally.  


As each item is handmade, there are individual differences in color, shape, size , weight, glaze unevenness, etc. In addition, the facial expressions such as the degree of grilled color, pinholes, and iron powder (black spots) differ depending on how the glaze is applied. Please be assured that there is no problem in using it.We hope that you will enjoy the unique taste and individuality of handmade products. You cannot choose which item you will receive, but we hope you will look forward to it until you receive it.If you are interested, please contact us before shipping and we will email you a separate photo.

◆◆ List of vessels of Furuya Ceramics Co., Ltd. ◆◆

Product details
Producing area Japan
material  Pottery

Diameter: about 7cm
Height: Approximately 7.5-8 cm
Weight: Approximately 180-195
Capacity: Approximately 200 ml (8th minute)

electronic machine 

Microwave: Possible
Dishwasher: Not possible
Oven: Not possible
Direct fire: Impossible

 Furutani Pottery | Koichi Furuya FURUTANI Hirokazu
1979   Born in Shigaraki-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture
year 2004 Completed Kyoto Prefectural Ceramics College of Technology 
Started making pottery at Furuya Ceramics Factory

  I visited the SHOW ROOM of Furuya Ceramics Co., Ltd. in Shiga! Here from

Recommended care method from Furuya Ceramics
〇 At the beginning of use, lightly wash with detergent etc. and use as it is.
〇 When serving oily foods or dark-colored dishes, dip them in water and soak them in water before using them to prevent stains.
〇Because it is water-absorbent, it may turn gray or have spots when immersed in water, but please be assured that it will return to its original state when it dries completely.
〇 After use, dry it well before storing it to prevent mold and stains.

  Understanding about "container" before purchase
〇Since each item is handmade, there will be individual differences in color, shape, pattern, size, thickness, weight, etc. Also, even with the same glaze and soil, color unevenness and shades will appear.
〇Since the paintings are also hand-painted one by one, the facial expressions may differ.
〇 Depending on the product, small holes, small black spots, line scratches, protrusions, pinholes, rattling, and distortion may be seen depending on the manufacturing process.
〇 The image of the product is processed so that the color is as close to the real thing as possible, but the color and texture may look different depending on the display screen of your computer or smartphone.
〇 At our shop, we not only inspect the manufacturers, kilns, and writers, but also deliver the ones that have cleared the final inspection at our shop.
〇 As the product photos are taken as samples, the details of the delivered products may not be the same.
〇 We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. Please purchase after understanding and understanding.
〇 We hope that you will enjoy it as a "taste" and "interesting" unique to handmade products that are not found in mass-produced products at factories!

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