[Visit of Kobo] Kanagawa Kamakura Kurakuraku Temple Groom's Hokkari Glass

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Enodynamic Temple Station with a nice sense of Showa Retro. There is a "Kurakaba studio" in a small valley nearby.

Kurakuraku studio

A beautiful place where Nature of Kamakura is rich and the wind of the wind from the sea is constantly felt. "There are three wild owls in this area," and Mr. Akiichiro of my husband taught me.

Iwazawa from Kamakura in 2004Shiro ShiroMr. Kurako-san, who was established by Mr. Kukao. Two people who were junior high school classmates are both created a work of a heart as a glass writer.

Kurakuraku Temple Corporation Exit

Her wife of her wife who liked the work that was likely to draw from a young place. When she wanted to be a hand job, she was shocked to the work of Australian glass writer made of a blown glass, and she learned at the Tokyo Glass Crafts Institute Become. After graduation, she will continue to learn the production technology of blowing glass in the future, and to the students of Nasu Kojima Glass Studio. After she finished the course, she really wanted to work and she joined with a tenacity and joined. She continues to pile her experience in Nasu Kojima.

So, I was wondering if I'm wondering if I'm going to continue the work of skew bar diving related to "Water" that I loved Mr. Ichiro, and I'm going to be distracted to Nasakushima, who has been distracted. She sees "it looks interesting," she sees "funny. I can not do it." I feel like I can do it.

Glass Studio

The blown glass wound on a metal tube called a flooded glass of drodro heated by about 1,200 degrees of drodro, and it is constantly rotated and processed by rotating the glass so as not to drop the glass wrapped at the tip. To go. If you stop the rotation of the chopsticks, the heated glass will fall, but Akiichiro-san has dropped the glass that seems to fall off and it has passed by hand! ?

"I thought I could do anything at that time. Since the glass that came out of the kiles became down, I went to the moment I received it without thinking of it, and I didn't have to experienced it in my hand. ".. What !! I think that I was surprised about the person around Osorak ....

After all, because of the big burn, it is necessary to stay in Noto Island, nearly one month for a stay for a few days. In the hands of severe pain swollen in the pan, we will be attached to the attractiveness of glass that is close to his favorite "water" while looking at the glass production of students and staff. And more than anything, I will touch the passion of the people who got to know there, and I will go through the gate of Naso Keither Glass Studio.

After that, after the two experiences of about 10 years of Hachoi Nijima, I have a full, and I got back to Kamakura of the origin and got married. At the same time.

The studio is a surprise because it started with two people first making a kilon.
"It took about 7 months when I thought from the point of the design. Since welding and whether it was inexperienced, the welding company's person is worrying and asked me." I was helped by everyone. " Mr. Iwazawa. I'm sorry .. This is a great deal!

This is a handmade fake. A good workshop that a green light is inserted.

Handmade furnace of the studio of the Kuraku Temple

Handling in our shopGoldfish and sunflower glassMainly creation of Mr. Kuka of the wife. It is made with the technique of traditional Italian techniques "Moulini". It is bundled in the form of a pattern that wants to express small color glass pieces, and will make a stretched glass bar. As it is Kintaro, the same pattern is made even if the glass rod is rounded down. The parts you can do are carefully embedded in the glass in the middle of the process.

Create goldfish parts

Glass creation process of studio in Varaku Temple

It's a very fine part, so it's a very like feeling, but she says "I like these fine work."

I will wrap the glass melted with a bowl to wound.

Create blown glass

Writer's glass work

The shopkeeper also tried the experience of the blown glass, but the glass was dropped below. It is a difficult task.

Shikori store main glass production experience

"Bubbles" that the goldfish swimming in the fluffy water is expressed by spending aqueous sodium bicarbonate.
It is a cool glass that seems to be released from the heat.

Goldfish Glass of Foreign Temple

Glass production is a match with temperature. It is necessary to work with the couple.

Writer's Glass Studio Visit

It is about once a year because there is a furnace exchange1Stop the fire of the month, but it is necessary to continue to put a fire on the normally otherwise. Because it is always produced every day, it is necessary to keep the fire of the kin that keep keeping a constant firepower, so it will be a temperature that will not be wrong even if the summer falls.

A furnace with a term of a white bowl of a white. Now your house

Glass Studio Furnace

"I want to make a lot of things from now on," and Mr. Kuka.

Mr. Ichiro-san wanted to create his favorite "water" on the theme.
Two people in the same age as Shikori shopkeeper. I am looking forward to the wonderful works from now on.

Thank you for your busy place!

Shikori store Lord

The wonderful product of the Kurako TempleHere

Works of Kurako Temple

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