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Lerriame workshop

A clear night sky or a crucible with a scarlet and dusk. Lerriame workshop's work is a retro modern that feels nostalgicI'm not thinking about the beauty of the breath of breath (wonderful product).The "Lerriame workshop" with the name of the workshop is the name of the potter of Ceramic Arts and the name of the 瑠 and 飴.

The other day I was disturbed by the studio of the Fukushima Sukagawa, and I was asked to talk.

We disturbed Lerriame workshop

The well-established workshop seems to appear to see the personality of Sakai.

Lerriame Studio Visit

I took a bright beautiful cleaning that was arranged beautifully on the desk, and I missed the voice "Wow, Nice!" And the voice leaked.It is calm and it is a colorful depression. I want to take everything and want to look slowly.

"I love the color of the color with the risemon with a luge, I made it a little bit of the color." And a nice tone.

Mr. Atsu from Tokyo Meguro met a pottery in a pottery class that was in Shibuya during the company employee era. Therefore, it will be more likely to drive into pottery by encountering his husband who had his assistant.

Writer's Studio Visit

Me-san's favorite Taisho Roman, modernity and fit with the atmosphere likeBeauty of glazeIt is really difficult to fuse as you thought.

"I'm going to go to the Suga River of my husband's home and make a work while doing a pottery classroom.The keron is not a kerosene fake, so let's have a color depth. But because it is not stable like electricity, the husband is helped by the master."And Aoi.

A distinctive fashionable design with a distinctive fashionable design makes a wooden type and creates a pattern like a stamp.

Creation process of Lerouri workshop


"This texture is hard to come out in the type. I can not do it, I finally got worn." Sometimes I was able to find somehow the style of handmade and the taste of handmade. It is really a wonderful personality.

Lerriame workshop titanium yellowish

Roomy workshop of the workshop and rice grass

In the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the Suka River was quite shaking, and it seems that shelves that have nearly 3m shelves in the workshop used by your husband falls.

"The shelf has fallen to the wall and it fell down. Hibi of this floor is also great." If you look down, it is certainly a painful scar. It seems to be a story of the difficulty of that time.

The Great Earthquake had a small earthquake, and thanks to the master's motion that was dangerous and locked the lever of the wolf, the furnace was safe and safe without falling or broken.

Ceramics studio visit


"It's wrong with whether the kiln is okay, isn't it? Mentally" and Mr. Sei.

After a difficult earthquake, I have also had a time to face my work, and I have a full of Lerriame workshops in 2015.

"I'm still a day of trial and error, but I'm doing with a glaze or a teacher (my husband).
Ten years and 20 years have loszing, and there are few glosses of risers, but it is also a taste that is deeply tasteful. Because you are using me, taste will come out. I would like to make such a penalty. "And Aoi.

"At this time, her work is finally out of my style." It was a very good match.

Thank you for your busy time.
I am looking forward to the wonderful work from now on!

Lerriame workshop's workHere

Lerriame workshop


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