[Visit of the workshop] Manufacturing of the manufacturing that the warmth of hand work is transmitted

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Aichi Prefecture Seto City 元 ""
I'm sorry to hear the story about the studio in the northeastern part of Seto!

Seto's Konmoto Koshibashi Studio Visit

Atsushi is a fake of 100 years in a baked area, and now he is currently the third generation Kato, Miho's and his wife and daughter and the fourth generation Kato Makoto-san's family. We will handle this time in our shopHanae is a work of Main Snowis.

I heard that a winter day in the evening.
Sunset was inserted in a natural-rich mountain studio. The space in front of the workshop is embedded with the work of the coffin.
Before the workshop of

Matching Main Snow's Atmosphere and Matching Tomorrow. The wall was painted by yourself.

Seto Kato Makoto's work room

Painted works. It looked like it was blowing in the wind.
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Mr. Makino who was learn in the University of the Universities and was also studying abroad in Germany. She was born at a house of a Seto Dyust, and she was interested in pottery, but she was not good at making her honestly. She seems to be very painful when she did not inspire more than anything else. She was happy or unhappy, she was relieved to be chased by the delivery date in this corona, so it was possible to organize and realize ideas that had been scattered in her head. She was able to handle this time, and it was possible to make it a shame at that time.

Memi-patterned Nordic miton pattern x tree
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Miton pattern x wooden miton pattern x tree in Eastern Europe

Since different patterns are drawn on both sides, it is good to be able to change the atmosphere by the mood and flowers of that day.

Vase of Vase of Aya

A characteristic of the Atsushi, the brightness of the white ground (squirt) bright color (southern: Cobalt oxide is a pigment with the main raw material). A baked method of the Seibe ​​region, which is called "Norashi", and it is likely to express a bluefinish blue.

Unulistated check x dotWriter's flowerbot

Miton pattern x wooden (handling hand) in Nordic, Nordic
Uncompanied body
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Every product is carefully crafted with warm texture to enjoy the trace of hand work.

Single-rolled stripe x only
Seto stained poverter

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Next to the studio, her sister is scared, there is a very cute baked candy shop & cafe "Mitten". Also,Product storesSince it is currently a reservation system, please call me when you visit!

Seto Yaku cafe

Since it is the city of "Sato" that became the origin of the algin point to the baked product, there are many people who are involved in the work related to the grilled matter, and if there are any problems, those related to the fellows and ceramic manufacturing I think that there are many things to consult and solve. Mainnow, who has been actively held, such as outgoing and exchanges with various artists, and is challenging. I look forward to the wonderful work in the future!

The Utsuwa of theHere
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