[Studio visit] great sincerity Mino Ihoshiro kiln was filling in a small chopstick rest

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A johosiro, who has a cute chopstick rest that the face comes hard. I was allowed to bother you in the studio in the Gifu Prefecture Mizunami is Mino of origin!

Ihoshiro chopsticks

Mr. Ihosiro was founded in 1960As a corporate workshop of a wholesale company of Japanese dishes and miscellaneous goodsLaunch production in 2007. I think that I can not make something unique as an own manufacturer, there is also a relationship between the kiles, and it seems to start from a small thing. Commitment to "feelings and handwork" from its founding, has been carefully pottery with great sincerity.

I have visited the studio!

Is there a process so much to make this small cute chopstick rest! ? Much surprised with, it has been created over every single time and effort.

Mino Ihoshiro kiln workshop visit

The main process, weighing ⇒ type making ⇒ through the hand in the shape of making ⇒ dry biscuit ⇒ glazed ⇒ pin marks tori ⇒ this firing ⇒ overglaze ... and the other to be a variety of processes, resulting adorable little things we Is.

We will formulate a glaze uniquely until you are convinced in the same color. This is an important task.

Ihosiro Kinakobo

Handling in our shopNaughtyI was producing.

Money grilled chopsticks (people)

This is real with the part of the holeSouvenirs 
Mitsuyaki's chopsticks of lonkon

Depending on the item, the glaze is dropped, texture, texture, and brushing and brushing are brushed and other process manual work.

Appetite realGrilled fish series
Baked fish chopsticks (Binaki)

3-color dumplingsCreate landscape
Money burner 3 colors

Saku three brothers in the union
Chopsticks of dumplings

It seems to be impossibleJapanese confectionery series
Hokkari cute chopsticks

That said it can not be helped in the process of making pottery, we use a lot of energy to bake in the thousand and several hundred degrees the soil. Then use almost 100% solar energy is now. I can do it because the product is small.

Ihoshiro kiln is 100% solar energy

Ihoshiro kiln's elegance, just what would in Hokoron face in just looking. The table is bright and bright, and conversation with nature is likely to be brighter.

The face is so cuteChopsticked ancient seriesAncient series

Taste and texture to feel the freshness likely!Vegetable series
Vegetable series chopsticks

The product is designed by Mr. Kugo, in-house, outside designer or president, is designedKudaiCentral and creation. One of color, will be the adjustment completed until convincing the texture. About 500 types of craftsmanship is a manual for about 25 craftsmanship and expressing natural texture that feels warmth. I went out of the born and raised town, and when I came back to my hometown, I feel like I was accidentally meeting the first love of the junior high school. The "heart of the excitement" as feel at that time is so I Irassharu wondering what can not be represented in the pottery. Manufacturing of Japan, handwork of origin, how-seriously, seriously,The last thing is that the mind of the use will warmAiming for good things. I was transmitted from the state of the workshop of Ihosiro.

I was disturbed by Mr. Ihosiro.

Last year kiln of your name "Ihoshiro kiln" was named in 2020. This is also over that old character name of the location is five hundred generations (Ihoshiro), also the name of the founder is a Goto, seems to have attached to the hope that in such a way that for many years to come followed by kiln. coronaHabitIt feels more meaningful because it is a difficult time. In TokyoDirect store at Palace HotelI think that the small chopsticks poured and created with full love and created are worsed in a larger world.

It was mainly Mr. Hidespan's son's son's son. He just got in the house industry just in my home business. He says, but it is a wonderful and very refreshing good adolescent. The president is also a strong heart-imagined with it. Also, from other staff membersI received a response. (Thank you for your busy place.)

I am looking forward to a wonderful work that I would like to say a bit "Kusu" from now on!

Beauty-grilled yo hoshiro's productHere


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