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Introducing a container with a world view like Mayumi Kikuchi's fairy tale!


Mr. Kikuchi is making pottery in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture.Actually, the owner is also from Tokorozawa, so he was one of the writers who had always wanted to handle it.

Mr. Kikuchi has loved drawing pictures and making something out of paper since he was little. " I still sew with a squeak Basically I like being at home. However, I slowly entered my own time and felt that a lovely work like a picture book was born with abundant imagination.

"I'm just staying at home, so I'm grateful that you took me out from time to time." When I got the chance to meet him, he said so kindly, and this is also a person who warms my heart.

** I had the opportunity to come into contact with climbing kilns and ceramics at the Hanno-yaki workshop, and when I saw the state of the workshop, I heard that the reason for doing ceramics was that I felt that this space was very nice. It was the moment when I encountered ceramic art with a fresh sensibility. At Musashino Art University Junior College, you can select craft design and learn ceramic art.After working in a ceramic art class, he became independent about three years ago.Now I'm working on it every day at my home studio.

The gentle pattern is not hand-painted, but is expressed by a technique called "Japanese paper dyeing".Normally, Japanese paper dyeing involves coloring Japanese paper and transferring the color to the base material, but Mr. Kikuchi seems to be using kitchen paper as a result of various trials and errors.


The soil used is Kutani semi-porcelain soil. A soft and fluffy atmosphere. Also, it seems that the blue color is created by adjusting the pigment, not Kuresu. All colors are soothing with soft colors.


** Hanno-yaki A kiln ruins has been found around Hanno in Saitama Prefecture.The exact start time is unknown, but one of them, the Hara kiln, is said to be in the 3rd year of Tenpo (1832).Iino-yaki stopped once in the Meiji era, but was revived by Hideo Torazawa and Michio Kishi.

By the way, it is an introduction of the handling works!

Adorable animal series. All of them seem to have escaped from the fairyland, so it's fun.

Fox rim plate


Is this fox a little worried about the back?It's a lovely gesture.

Fox plate


Cat with condiments and a spoon

This condiment bowl comes with a teaspoon of cute fish pattern!


“Since the work is thinly covered with edible silicone, there is little penetration and I think you can enjoy the beautiful texture for a long time,” says Kikuchi.All of them are smooth to the touch, lighter than they look, and easy to hold.

The flower series is made into a gentle pastel color.

Mimosa rim plate


Flower round plate
Donburi small


It is created with the aim of creating a work that makes you feel a little brilliant in your daily life. I'm looking forward to the wonderful works that are unique to Mr. Kikuchi!

Mayumi Kikuchi's works are Here


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