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Cute shine pattern

It is one of the traditional techniques of the kneading "quail hand" that is named because it is similar to the feathers of 鶉 (quail). It looks like a yellowish gray flax color, so it's a very calm texture.

A rounder of a squid Hanako's kneaded

Haramasa texture

Since the surface is glazed, it is a smooth and kindly touching touch. The texture that feels soil with the skin is very nice.

Sakashita Hanako's quail pattern round plate cute

Not too cute though it is cute

Because it is an earth color, the heart calms down naturally. It is cute but too cute, but perfect for those looking for a plate. Since it is a calm color, something is likely to be more and more.

A rounder of Sakashita Hanako where the quail pattern is relaxed

In the snack time of cakes and Japanese sweets

Made of easy-to-use diameter of about 16 cm. It is perfect for candy dishes and dessert dishes, as well as saucer. It is recommended when you want to add a little color or accent to the table.

Squirrel Hanako's kneaded round plate that makes me feel comfortable
Squirrel Hanako's kneaded round plate perfect for snack time

It is an item with individual difference. Depending on the condition of the rattling, one expression of baked color and pinhole, etc. are different. I hope that you can accept it in advance by the taste of handmade. Which item can not be selected can not be chosen, but it would be nice if you could wait for your hand to reach your hand. If you are anxious, please contact us if you can contact you before shipping. Please contact us.

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Product Details

Producing area Japan
Material Pottery

Diameter: about 16 cm
Height: about 2.6 cm
Weight: about 230-260 g


Microwave: Yes ※ Not recommended
Dishwasher: Not possible
Oven: Not possible
Unfire: not

Saka Hanako Sakashita Hanako
1998 I graduated from Musashino Art University
2003 Aichi Prefectural Tachimizu Technology Technology Current School
She works at the pot of Masuosu-cho, Tochigi Prefecture
2010 Holding the studio and independence

I talked to Hasakita Hanako.HereFrom

How to keep in mind from Sakashita Hanako
○ There is no need for cleaning such as the post-use condition.
裏 裏 The back part is not dirty because it is not glazed. After use, wash it as soon as possible and dry it well. If you are worried about dirt, I think it is good to add an oxygen-based bleach.

 Understanding about "Utsuwa"
〇 〇 One by one, individual differences occur in color, form, pattern, size, thickness, weight etc.. In addition, color unevenness and shades come out with the same glaze and soil.
○ The facial expression may be different because the picture is drawn by one by one.
○ Products Depending on the manufacturing process, small holes, small black points, line scratches, projections, pinholes, rattles, and distortion may be seen.
○ Although the image of the product can be made close to the color close to the real thing as much as possible, the color of the computer and the smartphone display screen may be visible.
○ In our shop, we deliver something that has cleared the final inspection in our shop as well as the manufacturer, and writer's inspection.
○ Product photography is sample shooting, so the item to be delivered does not have the same thing to the details.
○ We do not accept returns and exchanges due to customer convenience. Please give me your understanding and booking.
○ I'm glad if you enjoy the "taste" and "interesting" unique to the factory's mass production!

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