Jag Brown Hanabun| Yoshiko Kasahara

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Beautiful flower pattern The pitcher

who is expressed with a flower pattern carefully. You can feel the modernity like an antique and the warmth of handmade.


A calm and modern color Glossy moss green glaze is applied, and the shade of the glaze over the groove of the flower sentence and the burnt color of the part are

expressed in a beautiful balance. The inside is glossy gray.


Comfortable to fit in

the hand It has a smooth texture with a good touch. The supple curve of the handle is not only visible but also easy to grip. Every detail, such as the pouring peach, is carefully made.


There are various uses such as milk and dressing, cooking sauce, cold drinks, hot tea, and alcohol to enjoy

in various ways. Just put it on the table and it will be a gorgeous picture. Because it is a pretty shape, it is as the interior of the room. As a vase with a little flower.


For handmade purposes, each color, shape, size, thickness, etc. are slightly different, and there are individual differences. Pinholes, etc. may be seen, and the way the pattern enters and the color may be different. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy the warm texture unique to handmade that shows a different expression one by one.

◆◆ Ryoko Kasahara and other detailed information here ◆◆ Product details Japanese material pottery size about


(about 12.5cm including the taker)
Height about 11cm Weight
about 180g
Electronics Microwave Oven : Portable Dishwasher : Yes Oven : No Open Fire : Yoshiko Kasahara Born in




1998 Nihon University Faculty of Art Department of Fine Arts Graduation 2000 Tochigi Prefectural Ceramics Guidance Center Training Department Mashiko Study under the late Tatsuzo


  Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture
Shimaoka 2006 Built in Motegi Town, Tochigi
Prefecture, independent 2014 Moved to Kai-cho, Tochigi Prefecture
  Each place solo exhibition Teacher and younger brother exhibition Group exhibition Recommended care method from Ryoko Kasahara 〇 You can enjoy the atmosphere for a long time by stopping before first using it (boiling





it with rice sharpening juice).
〇 Please note that sudden temperature changes may cause cracks.
〇 After use, please avoid putting it on for a long time.




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