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A gentle white that feels warmth A baked orange with a soft texture like ivory and a faint color will make you feel a taste that can not


be said anything. Just putting it on the table makes you feel warm and warm.


The texture unique to hand work It is a clay pot that is attached to softly applied snout, a lovely and adorable way of doing things, a cute knob on the lid, and a slightly

different left and right hand.


A clay pot made with the idea of a clay pot that is good for Both Japanese

and Western dishes. It is perfect for Western dishes such as stewed hamburgers and ajillos. The more you use it, the more you taste the food and the appearance, so you can enjoy hot pot dishes. In addition, if you have one such as rice and hot vegetables cooked in a clay pot, it will be active in all seasons regardless of the season.


It is about

15 cm in diameter and about 5 cm in depth, so it is just the right size when you want to eat a little pot. When you want to eat ingredients and the amount you can eat at your own pace, it is a one-person pot, and it is a size that is useful when you are in a pot or tofu together with other dishes.


[Position to close the lid of the clay pot]
If you set the "yuying hole" in the following position so that the air does not fall on the hand, it will close properly. Please note that if you close it in other positions, there will be a little distortion and the lid will not close perfectly.
●●Features of heat-resistant pottery●● The feeling of baked soil is rough and rough, and the roughness makes

a [sakima] of the fire path. If you look closely at the clay pot, you can see fine pores with the naked eye. When the singing is open, water is also passed through. Before you start using it, cook the rice porridge to fill this gap.

If you use it, you may get a baboon in the pot, but this hibi is not broken at all, but it depends on the adjustment of the expansion by setting the clay pot on an open flame. There is no problem at all to use.

Heat-resistant soil is lower and softer than the soil used for tableware, so it may crack if dropped or hit. If you treat it carefully, you can use it habitually for a long time.

◆◆ Ryoko Kasahara and other detailed information here ◆◆ Product details Japanese material pottery size about 18cm (including the taker about

Height about 13cm Weight
about 1066g
Electronics Microwave Oven : Small Dishwasher : Not Possible Oven : Open Flame : Yes IH Cooker : Yoshiko



Kasahara Kasahara Born in
  Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture
1998 Nihon University Faculty of Art Department of Fine Arts Graduation 2000 Tochigi Prefectural Ceramics Guidance Center Training Department Mashiko Study under the late Tatsuzo  
Shimaoka 2006 Built in Motegi Town, Tochigi
Prefecture, Independent Moved to Kaimachi, Tochigi Prefecture 2014  
  Each place solo exhibition Teacher and brother exhibition Group exhibition Holding How to care from Ryoko Kasahara and cautions when



using Before using, please be sure to do the
following work 1. Wash lightly, wipe thoroughly, then put water inside for about 8-9 minutes and immediately put it on toro heat.
2. Put a little weak rice (good rice is a waste).
3. When it comes to porridge, turn off the heat.
4. Leave the porridge in overnight.
5. Wash with water and let it dry.

Caution when using 〇
Heat-resistant pottery is recommended to be used in the oven or over an open flame.
〇 Avoid empty burning. Be sure to add water and ingredients before heating.
〇 Because it becomes hot after cooking, please be sure to use a pot spread etc. when I put it out to the table etc.
〇 When washing the clay pot used, you can use detergent, but please do not leave it soaked in detergent solution for a long time. (There is a risk of soaking.) 〇
After use, when storing, wipe off moisture and dry. (May cause mold to err)


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