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Refreshing shades, elegant

whites with refreshing and gentle shades like off-white. It has a smooth texture and feels good, and the plump hand is cute and looks at it.


Loose cute chicken

looks like a perm-like tosaka and bow tie? The pattern of the chicken with a cute meat beard under the beak. His wife, Yoshie, is painting one by one with freehand, so it is gently finished with a warm texture.


It is a very nice appearance because the edge rust of the edge rust of the mouth edge part and the singing applied around the lower part are well balanced with the off-white white and the picture of the chicken of

just the right size.


Chickens, bears, horses, birds, birds, lobsters!

In addition to chickens, there are six other types of patterns: bears, horses, birds, chidori, and lobsters. It seems that the dinner table becomes lively because it is attached to prepare the family by the character besides my thing.


It is made of roro formation and mold forming, but because it is handmade, subtle distortion occurs. In addition, the feeling may be slightly different even with the same glaze depending on the temperature of the kiln. I think that you can understand it in advance because it is a taste of handmade. You can't choose which items will arrive, but we hope you'll be looking forward to receiving them. If you are interested, please contact us before shipping and we will send you a separate photo.

◆◆ Toshiyuki Haramura, click here for a list of other moving items ◆◆ Product details Production area Japanese material Porcelain

diameter about 8cm (about 10.8cm including the hand) Height about 8cm Weight about

192-207g Capacity About
200ml (8th minute)
Electronics Microwave Oven : Yes Dishwasher : Oven : No Open Fire : Toshiyuki Haramura





2007 Strongly attracted by the charm of Hizen porcelain, such as Old Imari and Nabeshima, In 2010, he became independent under the name of
"2020 Pottery Shop" in Hitachi City, Saitama Prefecture. We asked Toshiyuki Haramura, who mainly produces porcelain tableware such as white, pale, and

dyed dishes, that he values in his production. Recommended



care method from Toshiyuki Haramura from here

〇 Ceramics may crack due to sudden temperature changes. Avoid rapid heating of cold vessels and sudden cooling of vessels with heat.
〇 Porcelain does not have water absorption, so there is no need to stop boiling at the beginning of use. You can use it as it is.
〇 Use bleach for the kitchen for dirt such as tea astringency.




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