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Soft white with modern lines

A fashionable tricolor color with blue and red lines in a gentle and soft white like off-white.Since the lower part is squeezed, it fits comfortably in your hand and is comfortable to hold.


Japan ese paper dyeing that conveys warmth

We use a technique called "Washi dyeing" in which a pattern is drawn on Japanese paper and the cut pattern is pasted on the substrate to transfer the color.The result is a gentle texture that gives you a taste of blurring and bleeding.

やさし気な和紙染めの クマ にほっこり癒される原村俊之さんのフリーカップ

A little cute bear

A bear with a one-point accent that stands on two legs.The bear, which has a slightly blurred feeling unique to Japanese paper dyeing, is irresistible.


A moment of relief

Moist and smooth texture with one point of cuteness クマ A free cup with a nice combination of blue and red lines.It is a cup full of kindness that always stays close to you for a relaxing afternoon, desk work, reading companion, etc.


Because each item is handmade, there are individual differences such as color, shape, size , weight, glaze unevenness, and subtle differences in the pattern. Also, depending on the temperature of the kiln, the texture may differ slightly even with the same glaze. Please enjoy it as a unique expression unique to handmade products. You cannot choose which item you will receive, but we hope you will look forward to it until you receive it.If you are interested, please contact us before shipping and we will email you the photo.

◆◆ List of containers by Toshiyuki Haramura ◆◆

Product details

Producing area Japan
material porcelain
size Diameter: about 7.5cm
Height: Approximately 7.7 cm
Weight: Approximately 136-150g
Capacity: about 140ml (8 sub-mesh)
electronic machine

Microwave: Not possible
Dishwasher: Possible
Oven: Not possible
Direct fire: Impossible

Toshiyuki Haramura HARAMURA Toshiyuki

2007 Strongly attracted to the charm of Hizen porcelain such as Koimari and Nabeshima, he learned from the ceramics school and writers in Arita, Saga Prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain.
year 2010 Independent under the name of "2020 Pottery Factory" in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture.Mainly produces porcelain tableware such as white, blue and white, and dyed

We asked Mr. Toshiyuki Haramura what is important in the production. Here from

Recommended care method and precautions from Mr. Toshiyuki Haramura

〇 Since porcelain does not absorb water, it is not necessary to seal it by boiling it at the beginning of use. You can use it as it is
〇 Please refrain from using a microwave oven or oven.Pottery can crack due to sudden temperature changes
〇Please use kitchen bleach to remove stains such as tea astringency.

  Understanding about "container"
〇Since each item is handmade, there will be individual differences in color, shape, pattern, size, thickness, weight, etc. Also, even with the same glaze and soil, color unevenness and shades will appear.
〇Since the paintings are also hand-painted one by one, the facial expressions may differ.
〇 Depending on the product, small holes, small black spots, line scratches, protrusions, pinholes, rattling, and distortion may be seen depending on the manufacturing process.
〇 The image of the product is processed so that the color is as close to the real thing as possible, but the color and texture may look different depending on the display screen of your computer or smartphone.
〇 At our shop, we not only inspect the manufacturers, kilns, and writers, but also deliver the ones that have cleared the final inspection at our shop.
〇 As the product photos are taken as samples, the details of the delivered products may not be the same.
〇 We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. Please purchase after understanding and understanding.
〇 We hope that you will enjoy it as a "taste" and "interesting" unique to handmade products that are not found in mass-produced products at factories!

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