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The petal-shaped and

gentle petals that make the dish shine add color to the dining table. The calm color goes perfectly with japanese, Western and Chinese dishes, making the dish even more delicious.

The color of the fuchi with various expressions The expression is different from orange or grayish by overlapping various factors such as the concentration where white makeup is put, the place where the

kiln enters, and the season. Each dish has its own personality, and it is also nice to be able to enjoy watching the changes unique to the soil.

古谷製陶所の渕荒粉引中サイズ 皿
I am glad that there are

many pieces, and it is a medium plate that can be used depending on the mood and dishes of the day. Table coordination will be fun if you align various designs and shape.
Available in two sizes, medium and small Medium

size is about 22.5cm in diameter, small size (sold separately) is about 16cm in diameter. The medium size can be used for main dishes and one-plate dishes, and the small size can be used for various scenes such as saucers and cake plates.

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  Size : About 22.5cm
Height : About 2.8-3.0cm
Weight : About 520-530g
Electronics Microwave Oven : Small Dishwasher : Not Possible Oven : No Open Fire : No Furutani Ceramics | Koichi Furutani Born in Shigaraki Town, Koga City, Shiga Prefecture 2004 Kyoto Prefectural School of Ceramics and Advanced Technology Completed Pottery




Production at Furutani Ceramics Co., Ltd.



Understanding about "Uwa" before purchase 〇 For handmade one by one, individual differences occur in color, shape,
pattern, size, thickness, weight, etc. In addition, uneven color and shade come out even in the same glaze and soil.
〇The expression may be different because the painting is also hand-drawn one by one.
〇 Depending on the product, there may be small holes, small black dots, wire scratch, protrusions, pinholes, pinching, and distortion depending on the manufacturing process.
〇The image of the product is image processing to bring it as close to the real thing as possible, but there is a case where the color taste and texture look different depending on the display screen of your PC or smartphone.
〇In our store, we deliver not only inspections of manufacturers, potters, and artists, but also those that have cleared the final inspection at our store.
〇 Since the product photograph becomes a sample photograph, the product to be delivered is not the same to the details.
〇 We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. Please purchase after understanding and understanding.
〇 I would be happy if you could enjoy it as "taste" and "fun" unique to handmade products that are not found in mass-produced products at the factory!



Recommended care method from Furutani Pottery Co., Tokyo ○ Please wash lightly with detergent at the beginning of use
and use it as it is.
〇 When serving oil and deep-colored dishes, it becomes easier to stain if you use it after quickly pouring it into water and containing moisture.
〇 Because there is water absorption, it may turn gray when immersed in water, or spots may be formed, but please be assured that it will return to its original state when it dries completely.
〇 After use, please store it after drying well to prevent mold and stains.



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