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A white-kneaded flower small bowl where you can feel the warmth of handmade

warmth. Even if it is porcelain, it has a finish that makes you feel the soil like pottery. The white uding is useful for any season or scene.


A gorgeous and adorable small bowl of flowers that brings out the

dishes. It is easy to match both Japanese and Western, and the dishes shine.


It is also used by New York's beloved Lincoln series New York interior design master Roman and Williams, and is loved by New Yorkers for its French

café "La Mercerie" at Roman and WilliamsGuild, a concept store that combines furniture and miscellaneous goods, florists, and cafes.


It is nice to have a dishwasher and a microwave oven, so you can use a dishwasher or a microwave oven if it is warm, so it is also a nice point to reduce the time and effort before

and after meals even when you are busy.


◆◆ Click here for a list of caneko small soldier ceramics and other works ◆◆ Product details Production area Japanese material Porcelain



Size Diameter : About 12.5cm
Height : About 4.5cm
Weight : About 160g

Electronics Microwave Oven : Can Be Cleaned If Warmed : Oven : No Open Fire : No Kaneko



Kohyo Pottery Manufacturing

1921 The "Kaneko Ceramics Factory" was born on the mountain in Asho, Shimoishi-cho, Toki-gun, Gifu Prefecture, in 1965, and the tori (choshi) for hot water used in banquets and taverns increased with  
  high growth, producing 130,000 bottles a month and 1.6 million units a year. Minoyaki Mino ware is a generic term for
ceramics produced  


in the

Tono region (Toki City, Tajimi City, Mizunami City, kani City) in the southeastern part of Gifu Prefecture. The Tono region is the largest ceramics production base in Japan, and Toki City boasts a share of more than 50% of the total japanese pottery, and is known as the best pottery production town in Japan. Due to the progress of product fragmentation and division of labor in various parts of Tono, specialization was made in each region, each technology was improved, and Mino ware became a major production area for tableware that became well-known nationwide.

The blog about Caneko Kohei PotterySho and Mino ware is this is a material with excellent durability that is hard and resistant to impact compared to pottery because this product is porcelain Because it is porcelain, this product is a dishwasher


dryer, You can use it in a microwave oven about the extent

of warming 〇Because there is a risk of scratching the surface if you use metal deflection or detergent with abrasive, please note that there may be places where the logo mark of the back mark is difficult to see in part depending on the baking condition. Please understand as the characteristics of the baked goods 〇 Subtle differences in the size, shape, texture, and expression of each product occur depending on the
characteristics of the soil and glaze of the raw material. Please enjoy it as a unique beauty peculiar to magnetic products


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