Mino ware / Tono district writer kiln (Gifu)

Mino ware is a general term for ceramics produced in the southeastern part of Gifu prefecture (Toki city, Tajimi city, Mizunami city, Kani city).The Tono region is Japan's largest pottery production base, and Toki City boasts more than half the share of all Japanese pottery and is known as the largest producer of pottery in Japan.There are many kilns, and individual writers from all over Japan gather to make it an activity base.Large pottery markets such as the "Tajimi Pottery Festival" and the "Toki Mino Yaki Festival" are held during Golden Week in May every year.

I collected the writer kilns who are making pottery in Toki and Mizunami.There is also a unique item, so please take a look!

[Walk around the pottery production area]
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