Mashiko Yaki (Tochigi, Masuko's writer)

Masuko-yaki, which is made around Kosyocho, Tochigi Prefecture, has been created a day-like tool such as a bowl and water from the end of the Edo period. Masono's porcelain is rough and there are many bubbles, and it is said that it is not a good quality soil suitable for cracking. Saida Shibata, a ceramic artist, also moved to Masono after working with his Reach 's Bernard of Ceramics. After that, we will replace the people of Masuo and the style of Mainzaki now. There is also a soil that accepts young writers from other than Maintaining, and now there are many writers with free ideas that do not stick to Yu and glaze. The city of Mainzuko, which will be held twice a year, is a successful event that people from around the country gather in spring and aged.

I tried to collect a writer who is participating in Masho pottery city, Mr. Mashiko and the surrounding area. There are only one item in the pottery city, so please take a look at it!

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