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What is Mino Yaku

Mitsuyaki is a generic term for ceramics manufactured in the southeastern part of Gifu Prefecture (Toki City, Tajimi City, Mizunami City, Children). The Tono region is the largest ceramic production base in Japan, and among them, Toki City is proud of more than half the share of Japan's Yakimoto, and is known as the town of Japan. Mr. Tsuchiya, rash drug shop, casting, shop, picture fraction, etc. are separated, and each expert is being managed and produced.

 The hometown of Mino-baked Gifu Gifu is a soil that is unbearable to a history fan!

History fan Kajiro Shikari store Lord. Because it grew up in Kanto, the city of Gifu, Toki City and Taijimai City, who appears one after another place name and name in the television, and the city of Tajimi City is only driving. Just at the timing of NHK's Taiga drama "Mado", "Madano Miku's Mamushi!" And "Kiichi City is said to be the hometown of Akechi Mitsuhide!" The disciple of Warlords of Warlords of Warlords?! "It was a noise because it was a tension of one person. When I visited a place where such a history word was scattered, I can feel it with the skin, "Here, the history was born and culture was born and spread".


If you buy the ceramics with great deals!

Woven Hills Oribe Hilles

 Official site
〒 509-5171 Gifu Prefecture Toki-Izumi-cho 3-1


"Orient Hills" in Gifu's Toki City is a commercial park where the Ceramic wholesaler commercials of Mino grills. You can purchase it separately if you visit individuals and commercial dishes used in the shop from traditional Mino-Yaki and shops. In spacious groundsCeramic wholesale trading company is dotted and has fun looking for treasures.

Woven Hills Map

Mitsumikanaki Festival held every May

In the weaving Hills, one "Tomi Mitsukiyaki Festival" is held every May every year of the three major pottery festivals in Japan.The number of visitors visits 300,000 every year and is the largest pottery city in the Tokai region. (Unfortunately, 2020 has been canceled. Let's look forward to the next year!)

Broad Hills Official InstGram
Venue map (2019)


How do you go?

Train ⁺ bus or taxi
Citizen bus from JR Toki City Station. "Mitsuyaki Place" bus, "Mitsukiyaki Place" stop off. About 15 minutes. It is necessary to confirm that there are not many buses.

During the Toki Mitsuki Film Festival, the free shuttle bus will come out more than the JR Toki-shi station north side.Operating at intervals of 10 to 15 minutes from 8:30 am.

Central Automobile Director I. C. About 5 minutes.
Tokai annular automobile road"Goto Makitori Smart IC"About 5 minutes from
Eastern cyclic"Toki Minami Tajimi IC"About 10 minutes from

Special parking lots are also installed at the time of ceramic city.

※ The details of the free shuttle bus and parking lot areOfficial sitePlease check by.

You can purchase at wholesale price, even if it is not a pottery city holding time. Whatever you have enough sales, it's a fun place.

Products handled in our shop
Beauty dense grilled coach coat potty


Road Station Shino-Orienth

Official site 

〒 509-5171 Gifu Prefecture Toki City 2-chome 13-1

"Road Station Shino-Oriente" is next to the weaving Hills, so please go with the weaving Hills together. You can also purchase a dish that can be used by daily use, as well as souvenirs of writers and Mino-grilled souvenirs that change depending on the time. There is also a meal, so it is perfect for a break. Arrive up when I go down to the downtake from the weaving Hills!

Road Station Shinoho

This is also a party such as a writer of interest.

It is coepmergentlyTanakaOf the people. It is a wonderfulness of being

Tanaka Shiro's bowl
Tanaka Shiro's Uta

ColorfulMoney grilled chopsticks. Daily rice will be fun!

Money grilled chopsticks

Products handled in our shop
Ihosiro (chopstick rest)

Tajimigodamachi Orige Street

Olivestrey, located in Tajimi City, the city of Meiji City, is about 400 meters centered on the Meiji Satsukan (formerly bleed creative building), a former Building Creator Building, which has been built from the early Meiji period. It was created based on the outstanding sense of Furuda Orike, who was a warlords from Gifu, and leaves a retro cityscape and a rich store. There is a fashionable shop such as writer and handmade miscellaneous goods, and it is a place where you want to take a walk slowly.Official site

Orige Se Reet Map

How do you go?

Train ⁺ walk on footAbout 10 minutes walk from JR Tajimi Station

carCentral Expressway Majorsumi I.C. Or Earch i.C. About 15 minutes
Tokai Circular Expressway Episa South Tajimi I. C. From about 10 minutes.
(There are a few paid parking lots)

Maijo Showa Festival every year in April!

A ceranic festival is also held at Olivestrey on Sunday, April 2nd, Sunday.
We sell Mino-baked for a large special price and visit about 200,000 people. In 2020, it was canceled due to the effect of new corona infection, but next time it is scheduled for the second Saturday, March 2nd Saturday and Sunday. Tajimi CityOfficial site

A few recommended shops in Oriv Street, which is lined with nice shops, will be introduced!

Hanatarou shop
〒 507-0033 Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture Sixth-chome
Opening hours 10:00-16: 00 Regular holiday
☎ 090-9123-6689

Hana shop

A writer's guy and life tools are lined up with a wonderful store of old houses. It is part of an article chosen one item is chosen.

Woven つ 邸
〒 507-0847 Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture 3-2
business hours10:00-17:30 

Built 100 years of traditional shopInFrom the local famous writer, including Kato KatoIt is lined up to something that can usually be used. There is a sweetness treatment while looking at the Japanese style garden, so a little break with green tea is good.

〒 507-0033 Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture 6-chome 10-1
Business hours Sat, Sun, public holidays 12: 00-17: 00
Regular holiday weekdays


Retro tiles are a fashionable look.
60's Long and after foreign datestocks and somewhere nostalgic antique glass cups,A pottery is placed. It is a shop that will be drawn just by looking at it.

〒 507-0033 Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture 5-chome 15-2
Opening hours 11:00-18: 00 Regular holiday
☎ 0572-26-8279

Oriv Street TSUNAGU

A shop of a lady who is born from a handicraft. Inside the store has a product that remains handmade in a clean and sensitive atmosphere. There is a carefully selected item that can make your normal life more wonderful.

Above, it was only a nice shop that could not be introduced yet. It is a place where baked goods, miscellaneous goods, and old things like. Please come and visit the foot!

Shikori store Lord

▶▶How would you like to enjoy your good luck at your house?

Our shop handles workers and works of Kinmoto!
There are only one item in the pottery city, so please take a look at it!

Gifu's writer and
Kaneko coached pottery
Yuto Ito

Writer's Device Online Shop

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