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Yuya Machida, who is working with family business agriculture in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture. Actually, studies were held at a distance that can be performed by a bicycle from a storehouse's home. It was decided to handle from such a strong edge!

Hiroya Machida's Studio Visit

Machiko-san's work of Masqueratalian City, the largest pottery city in Kanto. It is simple to see that it is simple, but it is a simple and easy-to-continue part, and it will be partially created and made to be carefully built.

It is first to be important to be important in the ceramics. On that, it is more likely to disseminate it, and it is also created a balance such as the ability to have a goodness and texture.

Mr. Machida, who wanted to make something from the old days, and Machida will learn a craft such as woodworking and glass at design school. He gave a chance to learn while working at Ibaraki Prefecture Kasama's 元 元 元 は は は は 彼 彼 彼 は は は.

"I was scolded. If you ask if you graduate from school, just because of your vacant. However, if you like, if you like pottery, you can not afford to think about pottery, but just in the day to learn technology It was desperate. "Machida who talked about the friend who had learned the same. There is still about 90% of his work. It is thanks to the idea of ​​the basic idea.

Mr. Machida's Buddy
Saitama Ceramics Writer (Yuya Machida)

After that, the local community is opened. Currently, I am in the field work of the house business. It is said that "soil" is also given a variety of tips for production.

Hiroyasa Machida Visit Report
"I often go out to the field in about 4:30 in the morning, and the beauty of nature and the beauty of nature are still in mind, and I often move my hand if I can not express it."

Yu Yuya Machida

Machida is basically the same to make food and making a bowl. When I make, I love you, I'm sorry for the time and effort. Since what is entitled in the mouth, what is used at the time of meal is essential to life. It may also be the preparation of daily meals. I thought that the shopkeeper also tried to cherish such time again.

"Ayara", which will be handled this time, the texture that feels like a stone sculpture and a feeling of feeling that feels warmly mixed. Using red soil. After having a glaze, I will carefully put a tint with a sponge.

Rim dishes 6 dimensions
Yuzawa Machida 6 pieces

Floral equipment His isorous him
Yuya Machida's Vase

Because the expression comes different depending on the places to bake, there is also a place where you do not know if you do not know from the kiln, and it is a taste that is a taste that comes out of individual individuality.

Mug Cup Shiori
Yu Yuya Machida Mug
Acream Mug Cup (Yuiya Machida)

The "Nami" series uses fine white soils. Because it is not a powder, it is not necessary to stop especially.

Minami flat plate 7
Machida Yuzuya Minami's 7 pieces

Nami's curve is one with one finger. I feel a skilled technique that there is no big difference in the form. If it is a type, it is possible to leave the trace of a good hand job that is difficult to express.

Minami small bowl floe
Yu Yuya Machida (Nami) mail order

"Hibi" has a fine penetration (crashed with earth shrinkage when baked) and a colored with coffee with Bengara (iron containing iron) and coffee. Sometimes it is full of funny flavors in the pattern that nature.

Pitcher crack
Machida Saya Jug (Small)

Minami flat plate 7
Machida Saya cracker
Yuya Machida's 7 pieces

Popular Moss (MOSS) series. This timeA deep and shiny moss (male color) Green flower vapor has been prepared.Since the glaze is painted with a brush, one different unique expression is created. Since it uses a red soil that includes a lot of iron, it is also wonderful that there is a taste of rust color.

 Floral unit chamfered moss green
Machida's Moss

Surely I think that it will be created to melt in life naturally.(Thank you for disturbing this time. I am looking forward to the wonderful work in the future!)

Mr. Machida's wife sells vegetables, jam, Machida's worksColere Pottery & Farm SHOPOpened.If you are near you!
It seems that it is open to money and Saturday, but please check the business day.

Yuya Machida isHere
Yu Yuya Machida


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