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When I at the beginning of the neat-colored roundf of Mr. Ito, I thought that it would be a taste of the taste and texture that feels natural breath, and the modern sense of the texture. . And the sentence of Mr. Ito in the instant. It is impressive that it is spelled somewhere in the daily life of the day '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' I wanted to see such a nice thing, and I also disturbed the workshop of Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, also served as a greeting for trading.

"Because the workshop is along the national road, I'm standing in front of the road at that time. Mr. Ito who said. Nevertheless, the shopkeeper who has advanced the sidelines relying on the car navigation system ..... sweat

Toyo Ito's Studio Visit
Landscape from the workshop of Mr. Ito

But even though I have never come there, I wondering mystery and a single tram line, and a magnificent landscape of a single wire train. I got lost a moment, but I think this landscape was good because it seems good, it is such a place.

Ito-san, when I was working at a western dishes company, he liked miscellaneous goods and antiques, and it seems to have been around various shops.

"I was looking for what I wanted to do. There was also an opportunity to talk with the writer, even though the local area was a production area, so I was interested in making it and selling it by myself."

You will be learn at Aichi Prefectural Tachibei Higher Technology College of Ceramics in earnest. And after completion, you will be encountered by the property of this studio when you have experienced it in the way.

Toyo Ito's study of the studio

The place where the former futon plant is a peaceful light, a space like a gallery, and a spacious working space of two stories. Slowly repeatedly reformed myself, and it seems that it was a lot fall.

Toyo Ito's studio work space
I was disturbed by Toyo Ito's workshop

Old furniture where Mr. Ito who likes antique is collected.

Gifu's Toyo-san studio
Mizunami City Writer's Workshop of Ito

It has not been decided specifically, but it seems that I want to do something someday in this space. It will be a wonderful space and I imagined it.

Toyo Ito's Studio Space

It is said that almost all of the fish is being used every day. Also for our unique questionsOne by one click carefully carefully selected words and answer.

"Making a prototype and try it, try it, try it and try it .... I think that such a pace is a perfect thing as a daily pace. But CoronaHabitWhen I started to come out, I could not make it mentally and hard. "Ando.

I thought that such delicate inner surfaces have created works that touch the lines of people ... When I saw it, when I touch it, when I use it ... It is a depression that is different from mystery and different emotions.

I asked, "What is it to be cherished to produce?"

Well, that's right ... After thinking a bit,

"I think that the person who uses it is a new feeling that you do not notice even if you do not notice it. Each person who uses it is not aware of yourself. And the style of life and eating amount, the style of life, and those who are saved are different. Among them, I would like to find something that sympathizes in my work. ... "I answered.

The taste and baked color of taste are fired using kerosene.

Ito Yuko's kerosene bowl

The new kiln was in preparation when asking.

Yuto Ito's new kerosene bowl

It seems that Japanese dashboard is made based on Japanese dinner, even in the Western dishes company. I'm almost nervous.

Ito Hozo 7.5
Vercein 7.5-dimensional plate
Plasty 5.5 speed plate Migille

Men's powerfulness. Leave the rough texture of the earth, and use the coarse earth soil so that iron powder can be expressed in individuality. Because the particles of the soil are large, it seems to be difficult to handle even when creating, but it is very felt that it is. The color of the grass that can not be said to be anything, this light (Meguri) color is the original color.

Yuto Ito's Meguri 5.5

Vegetable stomach bowl s Meguri
Toyo Ito also turning off the bowl

The mild texture "powder" said that I wanted to make something to "Moei" that felt the breath of the soil.
I am cosmetic soil on the same soil as Meguri. It is a soft and soft impression of a warm.

Flower of Powdness of ItoFlower shrine small dish 13.5 cm powder

I'm pretty and elegant.

Ito Haruka Flower
Toyo Ito-san's bowl bowlVegetable stipple bowl S powder

Mr. Ito's Utsuwa has attractiveness to lively cooking.

Ito-san's wonderplate dish
Ito Yutaka's 21cm round plate
Yuto Ito flower crumboPlatic 4.5 dimension plate powder

When I'm back, I would like to be anxious about Ito, and Nyanko-chan also came to greetings!

Yuto Ito's Nyanko

A new keron begins to be tried, and I think it will continue to produce a nice work from now on. I am looking forward to it in the future! (Thank you very much for your busy place.)

Yuto Ito isHere

Yuto Ito's Uta mail order

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