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Hiroko Yoshinaga's stylish heat resistant gratin dish and cooking reached "Rust Asagi (rust Asagi)" series arrived!

Yoshinaga Tetsubo's Uta

Soon after the summer, I was approaching the end of summer, and I was visiting the Kakegawa Kakegawa's workshop!

"Because there is a place where there is no way to go with landslide, please come with such a direction!", Follow the explanation of the previous explanation, and it's like a sloppy road to the workshopGunene and top go down.

Shizuoka's writer Yoshinaga Tetsubun

Waku Waku, Kyorokyoro, when I was a little anxious (!?) Arrive at Kobo Koho, Yoshinaga Tetsubo!

We disturbed Kitaga Yoshinaga's workshop

Mr. Yoshinagaga has come over in summer of 2019
A 200-year old house is in the hillside, and a place where the wind blows from the mountain and the mountain. The old president is a slow renovation for about a year and about a year with her husband and a friend. Bright sunshine was pledged, and it was created a home and shop that would like to walk with barefoot. Mr. Natsuki is a complete reservation system in that placeMurderIt is a shop where you can eat.

Writer's Studio Visit (Yoshinaga Tetsubanka)

Mr. Yoshinagaga says that it will be bright and the place is bright, and it is a soft atmosphere.The work is a bit of a long time and a little male impression that the earth's texture comes to see, so it is a person who feels a wonderful gap. But when I'm talking, I understand that "I don't go against myself, what I want to do with myself," I would like to find things that I want to do with myself.

Mr. Yoshinaga who met pottery in college. He used to make your hand and made it from the fact that he was found in the extension. He helped Help the Ceramic Ceramics of Setagaya even after graduation. However, when she would be a launch of pottery work, she was not thinking at all. The teacher in the potter classroom will retire in 2008, and starts to operate the Classroom of Setagaya. The classroom is a great success. Of course there was also a big thing, but it is said that someone helped me each time.

"I think that the classroom was smooth and the student has just been good, but it's up to the life chased by paying a rent such as a classroom, a workplace and a home. I was stronger that I wanted to have a place. "

So I moved and the building of this Kakegawa was for the former pottery, and there was also a workshop where gas was installed on site. The space that I was thinking of only two people. When your husband's shop is reserved, you will help you, others are immersed in this workshop on a daily basis.

Studio on site
Ceramics Writer's Studio

The windows' workshops enter brighter light

Yoshinaga Tetsubo's bright studio

Two cats who met in Kakegawa together with the cats coming from Tokyo were the same.
He greeted me "I will guide you" while watching the work. Very friendly and joined and asked if you are talking. Book looking at camera (laughs)

We disturbed Kitaga Yoshinaga's workshop
Yoshinaga Tetsubo's Studio

Currently created by the main electric furnace main.

Yoshinaga Tetsubo's electric kettle

Mr. Yoshinagaga ago, before, it was also created a pouring pull with a gas bowl, but now it is a little off.

If you do a little more, this gas bowl is also resumed. I'm looking forward to it!
Gas 窯 ()

Heat-resistant gratin dishes are fashionable to fashion if you put a sticky or sandwich as a normal plate.

Yoshinaga Tetsuben's gratin dish

Of course it is heat resistant, so it is an emergence and microwave OK. There is no particular need to stop.

Heat-resistant gratin dishes
Yoshinaga Tetsuji's gratin dish (Brown)※ However, it can be said that it can be said in general, but the rapid temperature change is weak and cracked, so please stop quenching and rapid heat.

"Sabi Asagi" is a color that Mr. Yoshinaga created.

Rim plate 6 six and rabbit
Wereshagi Utsuki (Yoshinaga Tetsuben)

Under gray moss green, yellow and brown are mixed with expression richness, matching with brazing and grilled texture, and each item is distinct with each product. (Therefore, please note that it is a work with individual difference.)

Fuchet shimmer (small) rusty rabbit
Werehama bowl (Yoshinaga Tetsu)

Actually lighter than I thought try to have, easy to use anything else. "Shape" of Yoshinaga's commitment also reflects opinions of the husband, which is the chef.

Mamehachi Wahana rust Asagi
Yoshinaga Nori This Warie Sagi Sakai

In the shop of your husband, you can get a meal in the bowl of Yoshinaga's. Even in this day, I had a delicious dessert. Both vessels of Yoshinaga's has been superb match. (Of course, the taste was delicious! Thank you very much.) Previously, DJs and IT-related work. Story is also interesting will be carelessly drawn. In this calm place of appointment meal processing is, coronaHabitI want to come because it is a very difficult time, it is a place of healing of the space and cooking. (To fold official instgram

Tatsumu's Dessert (Yoshinaga Tetsu)

"Vessel nor vase leading role I believe that cooking and flowers. The leading role we would want to make something like more delicious, also be beautiful." Said Yoshinaga's. Even in your disturb the home, softly flower bud to bud vase was not pretty to Hokoron. The flower vessel never disturbed, and he had a seasonal color with a slight presence.

Yoshinaga's work is one of the vessels that want to have come as brings out the "name supporting role" any dishes.

Yoshinaga Tetsubo's workHereFrom

Yoshinaga Tetsubo's Uta

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