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(Updated May 20, 2021)

I was disturbed by Mr. Naoko Yoshimura, which has been created in the technique of "scraping".

Yoshimura Naoko-san was disturbed by the workshop

Mr. Yoshimura's workshopIga City, Mie PrefectureIt is in a spacious country scenery. The workshop and home that reform the old presence of approximately 100 years have been the owner of the master who is the potteryMr. OtsukiIt was rebuilt with it, and it seems that it has just been driven in July 2020.

Approach to Studio Her tension goes up!
Iga's writer Yoshimura Naoko
Yoshimura Naoko's Studio

A nice studio that used the household room for a while. It is a calm space that can feel natural even in the room because bright sunshine is inserted from a wide window.

This is a place between the floor
Yoshimura Naoko's studio inside

Leave the trace of the height record of the family who lived before. Yoshimura's love to the old house is transmitted.

Yoshimura Naoko's Ceramics studio inside

It was an environment where the surroundings are usually making a baked product for the origin of grilled areas and Iga, and since it was smallIt seems that the image that worked in some companies did not get up. She has no sense of discomfort to sell what I made by myself, and there is no sense of discomfort, Osaka University of Art UniversityBut I went to the ceramic art and went to the path of nature and the hand. She really likes to make things from when they were heard, and it was very well understood from the story that it continues to enjoy creation for a long time without changing as it is before.

"Falling" is a technique that paints soils that color to amber colors and draws with tools like needles. Mr. Yoshimura draws her unique world in this technique.

Yoshimura Naoko-san

Yoshimura Naoko's 8-size flat plate

She thinks that "I would like to express the atmosphere such as birds and beasts and Japanese folkles." Yoshimura, who is a soft smile. She certainly, she creates a sense of air like "Japanese folklore" seen on TV when it is small.Animals drawn are drawn with facial expressions and operations,One by oneBlack and white cut pictureIf you look slowly like the pattern, there is fun to imagine the story in the end.

Yoshimura Naoko's monkey

Yoshimoto Naoko's cat
Yoshimura Naoko's bird's bowl

Using the porcelain soil of Shinakuraku, the base is not white cream. There is no cosmetic soil on the surface, and it is adjusted to milky white with a slightly warm color in the way of sake. It is characteristic of dark picture color painting. His work is a semimpo. Because it is a dish that is slightly stronger than that of pottery, it can be used without a father of daily dining table.

Yoshimura Naoko's oval dish

Yoshimura Naoko Oval dish mail order

It is wonderful to the day of home party and Halle!

Yoshimura Naoko-san mail order

Yoshimura Naoko's Plate Tray

The workshop was disturbed in early December, so the wood stove was also very active. It was a kind of workshop with a gentle warm atmosphere that two people 's peaceful atmosphere appeared.

Yoshimura Naoko's Studio

Yoshimura Naoko's studio inside

With Hometo of Husband, "StudioNaomitu Pottery"Also, it is active together. I also disturbed the old door of the old house next to the workshop, but I feel the owner of Mr. Yoshimura and my husband, etc. I was. And it is very cozy everywhere. It was a spacious spatial, as I thought, "I want to live in such a house!" (I'm sorry I'm busy and I'm sorry!)

On this occasionProducts that were ordered are arrived! There are also new friends, so please take a look. (Updated May 20, 2021)



Yoshimura Naoko's UtaHere

Yoshimura Naoko's Uta

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