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Tanaka Shiro's work is a delicate and soft curve that is made to make a soft curve and an elongated flower that is drawn with an attractive thing to attract the heart of the viewer.He was learned with art and pottery in Italy, nowGifu Prefecture Toki CityI asked for a story about Tanaka's workshop that has been made.

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"When I was working, I wanted to study art at the east coast of the United States and prepared. At that time, love cat has died .... I can't get anything to hand When I was stuck, my best friend I was in ItalySeeing, just because I went out aloneWould you like to come to a change? I was invited to go to Italy. "

Italian's first impression was "Take a strange place!" In Japan, "strange" and "transparents" are not used very much in the praise word, but they are considered to be "individuality" in foreign countries, so the meaning is different. Mr. Tanaka will add to the attractiveness of "strange" Italian in that sense.

"People and Italian people, lifestyle habits etc .... Anyway, everything is different from Japan. I wanted to learn here."Mr. Tanaka. Anpye and soft tough atmosphere is the image itself itself. But when you talk about the story, I feel very strong sensibility and will.

Italy Florence may be a town of leather and carving, and I thought that I wanted to learn a car, but I thought that the fine work was different, and then go to the way of the pottery who was interested next Become. It seems that the pottery seen in Mexico of the same Spain (Latin), who visited before.

In fact, Mr. Tanaka who is not good at painting. "Because the picture is all the basics, it will not be possible if the other things can not be done even if the other things are more than a certain level." It seems that it was no longer the beginning, but it seems to be very grateful now.

He has been four years and a half in the art school ceramic course, butIf you do potter in Tuscany who led it sometimes, I wanted to learn through the filtre there. But why is the Teacher of Florence Art School? Do you become a tea bowl shop? They said. In Italy, I think that it was a reaction that the position of craftsmen and writer is completely out of it. "

About 30 minutes by train from Florence Cafe school National Montelupo Friendship Core Study Training School. However, at that time, Italy is in love with the conception. The national school where the country is making money was the time when we had a new recruitment. And Mr. Tanaka will eventually admire the desire to wait in three and more late!

"As I was waiting for a long time, I had a decision while I was waiting, but I have been crushed by the relationship of visa. But I was waiting for you to admire it again But I felt that I was in the Montelpo. The teacher did not make a long challenging challenge. The drills that pull longer are the best, and if you make a difficult thing, even if you make a difficult thing alone It was created that it is a typical アル Albarello (drugs with a traditional lid) that is easy to make it easy. It seems that the young people in Italy thought they were old and boring , I liked Albarello and pulled it in a fully acupuncture. "And Tanaka.

Even though I still have a recruitment of Italian, it was continued, and there was no new student recruitment, and the factory, which is the main graduate employment destination, was crushed more and more. As the students can live and live their own, the principal of Montelpor was asked to ask experts such as accountants and lawyers and incorporated legal classes. Mr. Tanaka-san, who was thinking about the students who wanted to think about the students, though they were easier to run for their own ownership. And after graduation, I will make a shop that produces and sells my work with the Italian woman of acquaintance.

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"It was a very good experience. It was good to know how to preferred what partner's woman is a little habit. Since I am a foreigner, all of the officials of the governmental relationships were in charge of her However, although foreigners do not allow permission, it does not stand on the store, but it is funny because there is no reply even if it is waiting. "

Finally this is too late in Italy! I think that I asked if I asked the application documents really intentionally. It was understood that She was guiding the customer of Mr. Tanaka to sell her work.

"It was a very shock. But someone told me that it was funny, and Montelpo's classmates are also like sisters like a sister." There is only a real thanks to such people. "

It was an Italian stayed in various experiences and encounters, but decided to take over Japan to Japan on the 2011 Earthquake. I want to be Japan! I strongly thought that it was strong. As the shopkeeper also lived in Hong Kong, I remember that she had the same feeling when I saw the image broken.

After returning home, I have completed Aichi Prefectural State-related technical school design department, and now it is Ceramic in Gifu Prefecture.

Tanaka Shiro's workshop

The soil is a planetary soil of Seto. Use both seminar (Seto penetration) and porcelain (Seto porcelain soil). Some lime mat rings and some ingrogents are likely to have a penetration, but it is difficult to get dirty as it is silicon.

Trigger pot small flower blue(left)
Trigger pot petal blue(Central)
Triangular pot flower pattern Pink X Blue X Purple(right)

Midbar of Tanaka Shiro

Tanaka Shingo's Uta Sales

Painting is drawn in a free style, so there are no things as follows. Italian grilled Moyorica grilled Moyorica, gently soft brush and lush color painting is impressive, but Mr. Tanaka says that she is still not good at painting. Therefore, it was said that this process takes time.

Small dish flowers
Tanaka Shiro's flower vessel

This work seems to be a Italian friend named her Ghirlanda Di Fiori (flowers). Very nice name!

Tanaka Shiro-san's flower Kanamuri small dish

In addition, since the work is a porcelain or a half magnetic unit, it is thinly thinner, so the use of microwave and dishwasher is not recommended.

Initially, I wanted to create a wonderful thing between Japan and Italy. But now there are many days of thinking about Italian friends in Corona, and it was said that the work may be in Italy.

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When I love to do it more and to talk about it, my excitement has also been transmitted. When I pull around, it seems that the word "Feel harmony" of Montelupo's teacher is focused on the heart. It is said that there are still many things that can not be done properly, but we will continue to create a wonderful work that can only be represented by Mr. Tanaka, who can only be expressed by Mr. Tanaka, aiming at the beautiful cutach that has been passed down from the teacher. Thank you for disturbing this time for a long time!

We have also purchased different styles and design works in addition to this product. I will upload it as a second project in the future, so please look forward to it!

Tanaka Shiro's workHere
Tanaka Shibu-san's mail order

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