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Say Hands Studio, which is producing a vivid glaze color and a handmade of hand-made. I heard about the workshop of Mr. Yagamisayo of the making hand.

Yagamisayo's workshop

After graduating from Aichi Prefectural Art University Sculptor, Mr. Yagami from Kobe will go to the Art University in the Bengal region after graduating.

She "she wanted to learn in India because she was originally attracted to classic soil culture.She used to do so on the past, but I thought I wanted to do pottery in earnest in the experience here. I wanted to have a long time in India a little more. "And Yagami.

She is a familiarity-After a year-end stay, she continued to learn ceramic art, and after graduating from the design department of Aichi Prefectural Nagoya Higher Technology Specialty School Course School, he also learned technology. After that she then she exhibits a craft fair while doing a junior high school pottery instructor and a lecturer of Nagoya Designer Academy. She has a full full of capital and has an atelier in 2017, leading to the opening of "Say Hands Studio".

A landscape that looks like a pleasant
Yagamisayo's Atelier Kobo

Atelier who renovated the old house of Masuo has a display of the figurine of the earthwear. Japanese house is based, but it is the same as the work of Mr. Yagami who can also feel the atmosphere of foreign countries.

Masuko's writer Mr. Yagamisayo's studio visit

Besides the process of scraping a part of the house to make a place in place, it seems to be slowly DIY together with my husband.In order to be a pottery to handle the soil, it is difficult to enjoy the floors, such as changing the floor, such as changing the floor.

The impression that I met directly to Yagami is a cute impression that a calm and calm and calm. but,I'm going to Sri Lanka on a trip,Riding a night bus in Morocco,A pretty active school, such as walking in the mountain depression of India for 8 days. It was very impressive that I talked about that kind of story, but the story of the story.

The work is made by making a board, and creation by hand.There is no design illustration, so it will be excited every time because I make freely. Just when I visited the workshop, the vesting pallaket treated in our shop was resting!
Yagamisayo's studio visit

All glaze is formulated by yourself. It seems that something that has been easily done before and the material that has been easily obtained, and it is finally completed.

A bright blue that seems to be drawn is beautifulVillage Takashimizu Turkish Blue
Say Hands Studio Competing Tray

Soft texture like milk. TentileVegetables Takashita platinum milk sharp
Yagamisayo's highway plate

Somewhat nostalgic atmosphereVercein Takashiba platoon straw color
Straw glazer high platter Yagamisai

Vegetable Parket DolomiteIs fine with sea shine and snow
Dolomite 高 高 高 下 下 皿

Octagonal plate small sepia blue
This seems like the same glaze as the dolomite, but it seems to be a bit adjusted with grilled and texture.
Yagamisayo's octagonal plate

Bean dish young grass color
The color color to pull the eyes!
Say Hands Studio Beans Swing

The wolf uses a gas bowl. I like the time to wait for baked.
Yagamisayo's Masuo's Atelier

Even Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand has been learned in the short term, and the name of the classroom at that time was "Slow Hands Studio", and it looks very liked, the name of your workshop, Arrange to "Say Hands Studio" It has been done. Mr. Yagami who is always unusual is that the work is likely to overflow various excitements and pleasures. I am looking forward to various works in the future!

(Thank you for disturbing this time. Please tell me a lot of talk.)

Say Hands Studio Yagamisayo's productsHere

Yagamisayo (Say Hands Studio)


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