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"Hana Craft", who has made the individuality, such as a tattoo penetration series and a shade of a shade that can not be said to be anything, and a relaxing painting of a relaxed painting. We will handle new to our shop!

Hana Kraft Sub

The other day, I was disturbed by the studio in Shibata City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and I asked you to talk about various things.

Hana Craft Studio Visit

"Hana Craft" is a husband from TokyoAtsushihara Kazuho, ​​a workshop held by his wife Sawako Nakamura, his wife. Mainly creation of pottery is in charge of creation and painting of porcelain.

When I was young, two people I met at the workplace of a good looking record shop that I know in Tokyo. Especially my husbandPietyMr.-san likes, and still a photo of the Huho and Sex Pistles in the workshop, and because the Western music lovers (husband) was over time, It may have been found that you have met 20 years ago?!) ..!I was excited about music in the story of music.

Hana Craft Studio Visit


Mr. Sawako of the wife isA wonderful woman who is overflowing from the whole body.She liked to make things from a smaller, Sawako, she is interested in pottery,She decides to learn at the ceramic training school in Seto City. And Tako Takaichi also leaves the record shop with a light feeling called "Well, interesting" and learn together. I did not really think that I did not think that I could do a lifetime at that time, so I do not know what happens.

After that, I studied with Mino Ceramics Kuroiwa Town. Worked in charge of painting at Monto's Kinmoto. Launches "Hana Craft" in parallel. In 2005, to have a studio near the sea near the sea. It seems that it was difficult at that time that two people from Tokyo and not connecting to the workshop were good.

"It was lucky that the property of the person who was doing pottery was also performed as it is, and it was lucky." And Sawako. Various coincidence and encounter was overlapping and I said.

I was disturbed by Hana Craft


Takaichi's bowls and cups are lightly thin and surprised if they actually have, despite pottery.It is a good weight for women.And the fleshy of the petal part. Classy inking penetration is also one of the attractions.

A bowl of craft ink penetration
Hana craft medium size bowl

"I was doing a porcelain, so it may be made thinner. I was making it a little good use and durability and I was able to adjust it for a while."

After baking and baking the inking penetration, wait for a while, and then put the ink after that. The ink that enters the penetration is not falling even if it is washed, and conversely, it is likely to prevent the intrusion of dirt. When baking with a bowl, it is also a taste that is sloppy with the iron and the fragmented redness is different and there is a taste.


Hana Kraft Black Painting Dish

The 飴 釉 合 合. The brightness of the glaze is so out, and the food and ingredients are beautiful. Beautiful gradation in the middle of the inside of the inside of the middle of the inside of the inside of the inside of the inside of the inside of the inside of the inside of the middle of the inside. This is a trace that flows naturally due to the baking of the glaze that flowed out of the cut of the rim part. It is beautiful that it will be drawn by one.

Hana Craft's 飴 釉

Hana Craft Ulteries

This time, Mini-heches, which are usually only put out in the pottery city, were treated specially.

Hana Craft Mini Hall

Limora Hikari Takashi bean dish

Hana Craft's 飴 Mini Hall


Limora Hikari Takashi Saki Saki Saki Saki Site

Hana Kraft Tattoo Persimmon Mini Hall

Sawako is a lot of goods that are delicious for the porcelain vessel.
She is a shaking painting matryoshka dish.

Hana Craft Mayoroshika Tray

It is healed by a relaxed look.

Mayoroshka painting dishes

This is a nice face

Writer Matryoshka dishes

A painting that the personality of Sawako-san is out.
It is attractive that there is no one with one hand drawn and two.

We look forward to the two nice works from now on!
Thank you for your busy place.

Hana Craft's productsHere

Beautiful craft



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