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Hiroko Sugawara of Tochigi who started handling new and handling.
She said that she was disturbed in a wonderful workshop.

I was disturbed by Kasahara Hiroko's workshop

After she got an artistic high school, she majored in oil painting in the University of Tokyo University of Art. She is learn about painting, including academics and technical things.

"I didn't intend to be a teacher, but I would like to get a teacher's license. I have a chance to learn pottery in that course, and it was really fun." As I remembered, I talked to fun. When she asked for a Western painting, I thought that the work of her Sasahara has organized an elegant atmosphere.

After her graduation,She learns the technique of Rokuro in the Tochigi Prefectural Standing Director. After that, she studied with Human National Treasure Shimashima Oka. It is independent in 2006. Seven years ago, I was built a current workshop to Masuo-cho, Masuo-cho.

"I was built to convey my own selfishness to the carpenter.", "It is a really nice workshop that I can feel the commitment of Mr. Sasahara, everywhere.

Hiroko Sugahara's workshop

It is a very pleasant space that seems to be easy to work and reflects the goodness of Mr. Senshuhara. The light of nature enters gently and the view looks like a beautiful view. Just the day she enjoyed the wonderful autumn leaves.

The wolf uses a gas bowl. This place also has gentle light wraps the entire room and spectacular views from the window.

Seiko Sugahara's workshop

Two of the kicks made by Karokuro (Karokuro) made by Kayaki (Karokuro) made in the workshop.

It is very nice and beautiful kick.

Kasawara Yuko's Studio Visit

It is said that it is almost brown except for the ring flower plate.

This tea bowl also creates each part of each part. Soft plums of beautiful curves and hand parts that are characteristic of Sasahara's work. In the absence of "Oh," is a beautiful breath.

Tea ceremony
left:White glaze
right:Building Linka

Hiroko Samuraihara

Single ring (b)

Use of Mashiko's soil and traditional glaze for production. "The teacher is made with Masuo's soil and glaze. I did not feel uncomfortable even if I made my work. It will be the soil of Mashiko other than the soil of heat resistance." And Mr. Sasahara.

A slightly thick texture and traditional feature that is a characteristic of MasuoSeveral thickness. There is also a modern functionality and a delicate individual. I feel that Mr. Sugawara is an important factor when it is crazy. Maintaining traditional glaze, green grapes, white glaze, oysters, ballasting, etc. Using these I will create your own color.

Even when I was disturbed, he had a nice tea ceremony and Chinese tea in the tea cup. Last year I went to work in Hong Kong with several Maintained writers and Hong Kong, and it seems to have made a demonstration of pottery. I told my eyes like a child and talked with sparkling with glitter.

Hiroko Samurai
left:Single ring (a)
Central:Jug white glaze
right:Jug jago flower sentence

An article that is created with a feeling that makes you feel rich in a modern life. It is aware of the fine point and it can be reflected in the production only because it is a good-looking guy.

1 to 1.5 people for people

Hiroko Samurai
※ Heat resistant soil is heat resistant other than MaintainingUse dedicated soil.

If you look closely with the surface of the pot, you can see fine pores even with the naked eye. Before starting to use, please cook rice porridge to fill this gap. It is also nice to be in my own pot with such a time and effort. If you use it, you may get into the pot, this crab never breaks, but it's due to the adjustment of expansion due to the fact that the pot is made flood. Don't worry because there is no trouble for use.

Since the heat-resistant soil is low and soft compared to the soil used for a regular dishwriter, it is a little carefully and kindly loving it can be used for a long time. Also, it is a product that will be more tasted to use.

Together with the years together, we enjoy the change of aging.
I am also looking forward to seeing the more and more attractive.

Mr. Samuraihara will disturb you in a wonderful workshop, and thank you very much for your busy interest. It was a very enjoyable time. I am looking forward to work from now on!

Seiko Sugahara's workHere

 Hiroko Sugahara, a jug, a teapot, vase

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