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Batchan grilled in Battrang village, located about 13 km southeast from Hanoi in Vietnam. About 9% of the villagers are about 90% of the "Batchian grilled" production and sales.
It is a distance of about 30 minutes by car from the capital Hanoi, but the village has a very slow atmosphere. This is the main street.

Visit the Vaccan Village

Batchian Village Main Street

Landscape of Vaccan Village
The overall leisurely mood is drifted.

Main street in Vaccan Village

Are you? A barber is in such a place!
Significant scene to say '' '.
Batchan village floor shop

In Japan, Baked Culture has been loved by the tea man as "South Yakayama period" that has opened the flower. "South" is Vietnam at that time. It is surprising that there was a relationship with Japan for a long time ago.

It is a ceramic with a good quality Taiga Hong river soil, and it is finished in a slightly cream texture with a rustic and rustic sloppy. Many of the traditional patterns and natural motifs are drawn as a traditional pattern.

We are traversing to '' HM ceramic '' mainly in our shop

Vietnam is a place where you have been visiting many times from the 90's due to the relationship between the Shikori storekeeper's best friend. Compared to Vietnam of Vietnam for the first time, the city is also sophisticated and rapidly enriched. Nevertheless, Hanoi is a little relaxed atmosphere compared to Ho Chi Minh.

Before, I would like to find a nice Batchan grilled in the shop in the old town of Hanoi and never buy! And I was in touch with my thought and contact with the workshop.

Hong's workshop "HM Ceramic" products are just a nice product that leaves a handmade texture. Mr. Hong, who is also a designer, is an artist who has won a number of art awards.

Listen to the explanation
Left: Hong's right: Shikori store Lord

A nice smiling soft atmosphere Hong is also a mother of elementary school boy.

At two factories in Vacchan village, Mr. Hongi, skilled craftsmans are doing craftsmen.
First of all, a big factory. This is produced by order from around the world.

Many large-scale luxury products are dealt with.

Batchian grilled workshop

Before Batchan grilled painting

Just go out of the pouring sun at the time during lunch break, or take a nap ... I'm sorry to disturb you in a valuable holiday ...! !

Nap at the Batchian Yako Factory

Another small factory is making handmade things in the old-fashioned procedure.

Batchian grilled studio HM Ceramics

HM Ceramics Battrang

Manual process of batch Jakayaki

There is a hand-painted taste in one by one.

Batchan grilled hand drawn grilled

Mr. Hong's work is a large and warm design, and the compatibility is outstanding even if it is combined with a Japanese dish. It seems to be an accent of the table coordination.

This is Hong's shop and showroom in Vacchan Village.

HM CeracMis Store

Despite its in the ceramics, thank you for your wonderful smile with Nico Nico.
Mr. Hong was a meaningful time to talk with various things. Also, I will disturb you!

Hong's Batchan YakiHere

Batchan grilled

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