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Harukahara Haruka, who is looking at it just looking at it. I was disturbed by the studio in Aichi Prefecture.

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Roosy of a baked product where there is a famous scorcher. The "Norigoyaki Festival" held every year is a popular event that also participates in writer. Also, the place where "Yakiso Walking Road" has gathered with a fashionable cafe or a general store. And it is a wonderful sea city with a tide scent.

Harada's workshop also open the door and the front of the eye is a vast location. It is crazy while feeling the chance of changing every day and the season. Mr. Harada perfect for such a refreshing worksho is a feeling like a pleasant sea breeze that you are talking and get fine. Laughter has always spent a pleasant time while I was meeting.

Visit Haruka Haruka Hara Haruka of the popular writer of Tokoname

Haruka Harada's Studio Visit

A space like a secret base in the workshop. Besides pottery, things of hobbies and miscellaneous goods are placed, and it feels like it's exciting.

Harukahara Haruka Kobo Internal

Haruka Harada's workshop

Haruka Haruka Haruka Harrio

I felt a little foreign atmosphere, so if I talk, I will be convinced. My husband was a foreigner.The shopkeeper also lived abroad for about 18 years, and the story is more likely to talk with various ways of thinking and vitality.

She has been active as a volleyball player since school days. She was a company or 9-person team. But she likes volleyball, but it is also difficult to give a life as a job, and she always thinking that "I want to do something all about one thing". In such a time, it will eventually join the bike, and will eventually join the project of the project of the project of overseas artists and baked areas with the international exchange efforts.

This project was really fun,I really like the atmosphere of Tokoname. And I was interested in thinking that the pottery could have been one thing. This is it! I felt like. "

Harukahara Haruka's workshop

After learning by the cohilary ceramic school,He worked in the school or pottery class. It is built in Ogino-cho, in 2010.

The work of pretty texture has started to create "I want to make bright things" at the East Japan Earthquake. I want to use it more and more and more and more and more durable, and it is a strong idea that it is easy to find so that it is easy to buy even if it is broken or broken, and I want to deliver a daily use of everyday use Is.

DIP DISH. The handle is cute. A picture that felt warm.

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DIP DISH Small White X Sakuro

Haruka Harada's Blue DipDish Net for sale

DIP DISH Dai Turquoise Blue X Cherry※ It is not a plate for heat resistance.


Shoguraku + Use Seto's Blend Satou. Because of the texumes for the pottery, it is because it baked for a long time and darkens density. It is devised to be a matte and hard to get dirty.

It is produced with a fun thing that does not get tired of looking at people who use every day.
It's just looking at it, it's really bright and energetic!
Haruko Harada's Uta5-line rim plate white x flower

The attraction of Tokoname isMr. Harada says that there are many people in the sea, and there are many good people per person. Also, from the climate that accepts well, it seems that also the same kind and warm migrant migrate and writer like nature are also gathered. And Mr. Harada who has two children, for children for childrenThere is also an international exchange, etc., and there is also an attractive program such as accepting a foreign child's stay, and your children are homestaying foreign countries.Mr. Harada's kindness and warm texture depression will reflect the attractiveness of such a star. From now on,I also wanted to make a chic feeling work. I am looking forward to the future activities!

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