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As it runs for about an hour by car from the center of Shizuoka Hamamatsu, and climbing a single way surrounded by the mountains and climbing a hill with a good viewIchinori FukuiThere is a workshop.

Kururi Kurukan Studio Visit

A lot of lush mountains can be overlooked from the studio. I want to say "Yaho ~!"

Kururi Kurukan Studio Visit

I liked the seaFukui-san is learn at high school, university and marine school. Initially, I was interested in the job to get on the ship, but the training experience in the long-term voyage is difficult, and it may not be suitable for himself.. When I was such a university student, I'm looking for a book and painting of Okamoto Taro's passion and energy, and I'm inspired by the interests and exercises to make things. Mr. Fukui, who liked to draw pictures from a smaller, "I want to do something about my own hand." I would like to see the recruitment of the experience staff of Yamanashi Ceramic Classroom with good timing. There is also a good teacher with a good teacher, and after about five years of experience, we have a long-awaited "Kururi Karu". AndI meet this wonderful workshop used by pottery in Local Hamamatsu.

The wind to feel the rich blessings of Shizuoka was blowing out

"It is the best when the climate is good, but winter is quite cold (laughs)" and Mr. Fukui.

Kururi Kinkobo visit
Use kerosene tangs to express the taste depth for his work.

Kururi keruka kerosene bowl

A tasteful chimney in the workshop is impressive.

Shizuoka Kururi Kinkobo Visit

Previous Holding Fubmon left by the former Ceramic artist. SomwaI also wanted to try a firewood.

Kururi kilnish bowl
Kururi Kurukan's Studio Visit

As I asked about the work of the current pottery, "I make it myself, sell it with events and craft fairs, etc., get feedback and talk feedback and sell again. That flow I think I am fit. "I answered.

Kururi Kurukan Studio Visit
Fukui-san answers one of these questions and one of these questions. When talking about works, you can see that the correction is added again and again and is trying to meet the details of the hand side. Although the sensibility of the manufacturing is, of course, it was a person who has a strong sense of science, so I felt that I was working to work, verify, and fix it.

Kururi kuraku visit

It is a sense of size and variations that are important to make a work. Since the instruments frequently used at each house are different, it is created in detail in units of one dimension (about 3 cm) units. "If you're a little more like this ..." I'm making a depression that snuggles to the voices of the hand.

Since it is conscious that you can express roundness and softness left, it is a blend of the red soil of Seto and Gifu. The color and iron powder are adjusted so that they appear deeply.

Kururi bustling pawl reim 7 dimensions

Coupled soil is applied to the base, and a glaze was calcined (reduced calcined). Powdered Utsuwa is a lot of scenery, and it is as deep enough to use.

Kururi Kurikawa 7 sofin bargain mat

Rim 鎬 皿 7 dimensions

Soy sauce of matte mats of kururi

Matt oyster soy sauce of the kururi
Soy sauce mat

Matte and ash matte differ in color differences in glaze differences.
Kururi Matto Matt 5
Limo 5-plate mat

Ashlaz is a fine color of a pale blue.

Powdered Utsuwa is one of the fun changes. When I started use, the ingroup of oil and food may appear somehow, but I can enjoy a different texture because I am familiar with the whole while using it. If you want to enjoy changing the change slowly, you will have the effect of preventing food oil and colored dyed with water before using it every time.

Kururi Kinoki Mag Cup
Mug Matsu Mat Mat
Mug in mug

Powdered chopsticks of kururi

Cutlery break mat
Cutlery rest green ashence

Mr. Fukui who is tried for various techniques every day. When I talked, I pushed the palm to the base, and I was in the blue.I showed you the way of production of a painted work. He also talked about making more robust use things.I think that new style works will appear in the future. I am looking forward to it from now on! (Thank you for your busy place.)

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