We disturbed Shiga Shiga, Furuya Cartoon Cartoon Showome!

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When I was refreshed, I took the Kotani Cartoon's workshop and store!

Furuya Cartoon Studio, Shop


Furuya Ceramic (Seko-Yo-Toi) is a workshop and store shop in Shigakuraku Shigakuraku Shigakuraku. Recently, it was also the stage of NHK's morning Dora "Scarlett", but it is a production area of ​​a well-known Shigaraki grilled. Pon Poko Motomi Mei also had measures for infection properly.

Sakura Makiko Station

When the shopkeeper came out, "Oh, I entered Shiga!"

Shiga and breakfast

This boy and Shiga prefecture are the birthplace of the city, and the boys of various designs are going to jump out here and there (!) By the way, the real name is "Tobidashi and Tobita".

Esper boy and Rocabilly boy
Shinaku-cho reggae Shrinkaro Karamoru

Led boy and arrived safely!

I went to Furuya Cartoon

Showroom (store) in the corner of the studio

We disturbed the Furuya Cartoon

Furuya Cartoon's store

In spaces like kitchens and rooms, the image, such as storage and combinations, is easy to spread.

Furuya Ceramic Showroom
Furuya Ceramics Sell Office

A fucum in the workshop.

Furuya Cartoon CartoonFuruya Cartoon Studio

Mr. Nobuo Furuya, who is the founder of Furuya Cartwon, is a leading person. Powdered is a technique that bakuces white cosmetics into a brown base. When I was transmitted from Korea to Japan, it seems to be born, and it was also called powdered, or bubble, as it was blowing powder. Currently, Mr. Koichi Furuya (Hirokami) of the eldest son is centered, and it is a daily basis.

According to the staff, "Hiroichi's sense, really girlfriend is amazing (laughs)". A tree or flower that decorates an exhibition booth such as an event or a craft fair is also a detailed arrangement such as a tree or flower.

Furuya Cartoon Egg MugGoth line egg mug
Masakami Masakami Egg Mug

Iron wire egg mug

The exquisite balance expressed powdered condition, baked color, and iron powder (black point) that appears in the place, creates a tasteful depth of soil. At Furuya Ceramic, a white gum is applied to the soiling soil with a lot of brown iron that is originally blended, and adding a double baking "powdered" texture is drawn out.

Furuya Ceramic WheelchairBarbage barbarough flower plate (middle)

Furuya Cartoon Popular Lincolish

Barbage barbarough flower plate (small)

The characteristic of the powder of the powder, "Honko (Honko-Moono)". The slightly soft pink spots areIt is one of the chances of changing by reducing calcination.

Furuya Ceramic Mug Cup

It seems like you're red.

Furuya Ceramic Powder Goss Tray
Goth line egg Magsoca

Black point iron screw (Tetsu) shows the iron contained in the soil. Homemade texture and facial expressions are in the end.

Furuya Ceramic Line Meshi

Iron wire mesh bowl (large)

Furuya Cartoon Meshi MeshiMasakami Masakami Kashimeshiza (small)

Mr. Koichi is actively participating in craft fairs and other craft fairs and other craft fairs that are discourting the flora of the flora. DisturbedHeld in ShigakurakuCeramic Art MarketEven in "the customer was a very successful success. It is a very busy Furuya Ceramic Cartoon, which is a very busy at any event, but Hiroichi, Kaori, and the staff meet youPlease touch with a nice smile. It is a "warm peanut" as such a personality appears.

Furuya Cartoon apple bowl2020 Ceramic art marketAt the booth of

While using powder, you will be tastefully tastefully. Please wash and use it with detergent etc. Stop (boiled with rice and juice etc.) has the effect of preventing stains, but if it is not dry properly, it will be the source of stains and molds, so please be careful only. Also, if you include moisture, it may be gray in some plates, but it is also one of the features of the powder. I will return to the original, so I don't care. If you are concerned about the penetration with oil-like and colored food, etc., if it is wasteful, it will prevent it to prevent insensue. The pottery is water-absorbent than porcelain and has the side that stains and dirt are easy to be dyed, but also one of its current changes are also fun.

"White Device" will be visible to any dish and you will be able to visit you. Furuya Cartoon,
It is a simple design that feels warmth only because it is a depression to use every day. We are addicted to handmade of the "heart" that considered usage.

I will also increase the lineup in our shop, so please look forward to it!

Furuya Ceramic
〒 529-1812 Shiga Prefecture Shigakuto-cho Kamiyama 2397
[Showroom business day]
Monday to Saturday (Saturday is absurdly offset. Please check in advance.)
【Opening hours】 9:00 to 16:00
[Telephone] 0748-82-1041

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Furuya Ceramics dealer

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