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A long-established seaweed in Mashiko-cho in Tochigi Prefecture"E-no Kino" is now a long horn of history that Mr. Ji Shibata and Yakaba and his wife are fifth. In Masho pottery city, I was disturbed by the popular artist studio.

Enoki's visit to visit

Wakaba's Grandmat is important for talking about the history of Japanese folk art and Yuko grilled,Folklopic movementIt works as a craftsman of Mr. Shibata, famous for ceramic artists, and he has received a medal from Emperor. In addition, Mr. Katsuhiko of the fourth generation of Wakaba's father is also a master of the creation of the crisis.When you just bother you, because it was the room of the hearth space the customer has been installed to watch the work at home slowly in the I usually store is closed, I thought I wonder what was, from the previous location of the shop last week It seems that water is full.

I was disturbed by Mr. Wakaba Shibata

"When you fix the roof, which was in the mood from the front in the corona, this time was healed because in the like goes wrong is water pipe. Water leaked." Enokida kiln head office, more than 100 years old It was a fine old house in the original factory (Saiku). It seems that two people were married and then changed to a modern interior with a space surrounded by a hearth that can be watched. Still, it is very difficult to maintain an old house. To inherit the traditional physical thing, including of course the mental thing, but I think that there is a struggle, not a not Naminami, was calm for two people is always positive impression. When I see you, the shopkeeper always gets fine.

Tomi Shibata's Studio Visit

Bright light full shop. Several beams are also wonderful.

Enoki Kin Kashiha visit 
The space of the wolf sides next to the store.

Kobo visit Yu Yukata Wakaba

Established a bowl using a place where there is a climb. Workshop that became a little slope there is a flavor.

Masuko Makikawa visit

Mr. Wakaba worked in Okinawa, and it seems to be involved in studying abroad and volunteers overseas. He says it was a very good experience that the local people were getting along with the local people by volunteering in the United Kingdom and Israel. He was loaded with a variety of experience, he is likely to "not might want to make to me", it will proceed to the pottery of the road.

It is aware that you are aware of the color and the nature of Yakaba's favorite rice grass and the natural color and the earth, and it is created. Everything is modern and unique, such as dot patterns and stripes.Katachi uses traditional things from old times to use Masuo's soil and glaze.

Popular curry dish is nostalgic oval feel the Showa. Handling is large and small size.
Shida Yukaba curry dish

Shida Yukaba curry dish

Antique series bakes the work so that they do not touch oxygenSince it is baked by reducing calcination, the tasting depth is out of color.

Curry Dish Border Pattern | Antique Green X 飴
Shibata Wakaba's Antique Series Curry Plate

A dot pattern using "Lebiki" that is transmitted to the pot. It is a method that utilizes the glaze with a place where it is applied.

Curry Dish Small Dot Pattern | Lighty Light X Flagan
Writer curry dish

Futo bean dish. This shape, such as round and round is continuous also, using the plaster mold that is from the old days. Condiments and seasonings, convenience preeminent such as pickles of Hashiyasume.

Futo Beans Dot Pattern | Antique Green X 飴 Writer's Warpet (Shibata Hakuha)

Futo bean dish dot pattern | light blue x 飴Writer's Wandet Dish (Shibata Hakuha)

Shibata Young leaf curry dish mail order

Popular (Kime) is a sauce and salmon such as a good mackerel, and so on. A light blue lattice pattern is wonderful!

Miso Misame Grand Pattern | Lighty Light X Flagan

Shibata Wakaba's Miso Gamamame Same

Even in seasoning such as salted salmon. It is useful to be used for a wide range of applications. Perfect to keep and store in the refrigerator from the storage container and transferred to a separatory only jar to get the current. Since the jar of pottery will mellow taste, even the owner has put as the last finish of the handmade pickled plum and ginger pickled.

Enoki Karen mail order


My husband 's si-san was from Osaka and had a dream of becoming a musician. When he was playing on the street of Okinawa with yourself, he just encounters Mr. Wakaba who was working in Okinawa. The impression when I came to Masono was "I felt so I felt Okinawa as it was in the sea." Married with Wakaba in 2009. After a while, the person also walks the way of the ceramic artist.

Tomi Shibata's Studio VisitDuring this day, I was producing the work to put out the exhibition.

Tomo takes over the world of traditional folk art. You can feel the color and texture of the modern taste on the Joined Mashiko-yaki.

Works of Tomoyo Mashiko (Enoki Karin)

While protecting the tradition of "Enoki Kaen", which lasts from the Meiji eraCeramic potential. Is it very difficult to keep your shoulder's power and keep making works in an environment where there is only a famous master or writer. I know that I always feel when I meet you, and it is said that it is reflected in his wonderful work as a strong absorption power, and more than anything else.

Beautiful colored curry dishes baked with reduced calcination.
Curry dishes large punic | green Shibata's curry dish

Shades of the traditional glaze of Mashiko is beautiful coffee dripper.
Coffee Dripper | Green X 飴 Enoki Karin coffee dripper

The fashionable pitcher is also nice. It seems to be colored simply with everyday life.

Pitcher in pitcher | Coffee dripper of Eonoki (Shibata Tomo)

Neither Wakaba · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Certainly, it is surprised again that it will be stuck.

Put the veneration of the ancestors who, I future of your activities of two people that are pottery with love also look forward to!

Enoki Kinoki Honpo
Tochigi Prefecture Haga-gun, Mashiko Mashiko 4240

Mr. Tomi Shibata isHereMr. Yakoba Shibata isHere

 Enoki's visit to visit




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