We will take a rest for shipping work until January 3, 2020-January 3 (Sun), 2020

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ladies and gentlemen

Always I am indebted.
When I care about December! This year, there are various irregular years that have been various, but the sense of season is not very felt, and it is too fast that the month passes. Especially our shop this restaurant is a new shop opening this year. There is something that must be done, there is something to do, and it was really "Ah!" The day is over .. Urashima Taro's ball box? ! Early (surprise)

Four seasons year end holidays

12/29 (Tuesday) ~ 1/3 (Sun) will receive the New Year holidays.

Please note that the ordered product shipping will be shipped sequentially from 1/4 (Mon).

※ As orders are accepted for 24 hours a day off, the items you are worried are early! (There are few items in each case and annoying.)

Then, please spend a wonderful year-end holiday.

Thank you again this year. Thank you again next year!

Store owner

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