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From the moment you see it, yoshida pottery's vessels and cups are fascinating to see their beautiful appearance. We interviewed the creator, Masakazu Yoshida.

食卓を優雅に演出してくれるyoshida potteryのうつわ

Mr. Yoshida is from Kyoto. When he was young, he enjoyed making things with nature in a generation where plastic models and radio-controlled models were familiar to him. and, When I was in my twenties, I spent seven years as a software engineer. I was involved in logistics systems and network programming.

The software is the same, but visually, What I wanted to do is to try making things that I can feel in my hands. It is a trigger. "Mr. Yoshida. It seems that ceramic art was a familiar presence because of the locality of Kyoto and the place where you can feel Japanese culture. At the age of 30, he learned the basics of ceramic art at the Kyoto Traditional Crafts College (currently a university).

After that, engaged in tea pottery Asahi ware in Uji, Kyoto. Asahi ware is a kiln with a history of 400 years, which is closely related to tea masters and tea makers in Uji, a famous tea producing area, under the guidance of the famous tea master Kobori Enshu. There, for about 13 and a half years, Mr. Yoshida will be able to meet many people from Japan and abroad and improve his aesthetic sense through the tea ceremony.

Independent in 2019. It seems that the reason was the former Miyazukacho house where the current workshop is located. It was said that the move-in was based on the examination system, and the independence was decided after the examination passed.


The former Miyazukacho residence is a stone building made of Nikkaseki, which was built in 1953. Since it is rare as a municipal house, it was registered as a national tangible cultural property in 2020 (Reiwa 2). Located in Miyazuka-cho, Ashiya City, this place is a hot spot with atelier and cafes.


The interior of the atelier is also very nice because you can feel Mr. Yoshida's commitment to beauty!


Introducing the works handled by yoshida pottery!

First of all, what you think is "beautiful" at first impression. You say that it is important as a creator. "Beauty for" advocated by Muneyoshi Yanagi, the founder of the Mingei movement. As the saying goes, "Ease of use is beautiful, and beautiful things are easy to use", you can feel the beauty of the work with unnecessary things removed.

Snow ring plate adult black
Snow ring plate lover white


Bean plate adult black


Mr. Yoshida thinks that if it is made too light, the strength will be weakened, and a certain amount of thickness is necessary to maintain warmth and coldness. Also, since the sense of weight leads to the importance of things, it seems that adjustments are made aiming at a place where people feel a little "oh, lighter" than they think.

Flower plate adult black
Flower plate lover white
お料理が引き立つyoshida potteryのうつわ

It feels smooth to the touch and feels good, and you will want to stroke it. It is also a nice point to be able to use it in a dishwasher or a microwave oven because you want to keep your daily life as it is.

When you hold yoshida pottery's vessel over the light, you can see intrusive rocks (cracks like cracks that occur in the shrinkage of soil and glaze during firing).Especially for white-colored ones, the color of food and drink soaks into the intrusive rock, and it gradually changes to a tasteful one over the years.We hope that you will enjoy the secular variation that is unique to handmade containers.

Coffee cup lover white
Coffee cup adult black


High cup plate S adult black
High cup plate S lover white


Treasure the "voice of the soil" that you hear when you touch the soil.The pottery is made every day with the idea that the people who use it will be moisturized and that having a vessel will make their lives happy every day.

yoshida pottery's work Here
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