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Yatsushiro Momura, who was drawn by lovely animals, arrived! (2021.02.27 Additional update)

Hara Village Toshiyuki's octagonal plate

Mr. Haramura, who has made a work that warms a warm texture like a pottery. I felt a very serious and sincere personality in exchange for making a deal. It is an impression writer that puts careful handwritten memos and a lot of psychic use.

Mr. Haramura was attracted to the charm of fishery pottery such as old Imari and Nabe Island, and is learned from 2007 by Arita Ceramics and writers in Saga Prefecture. After that, he moved to Hidaka City of Saitama in 2010 and lives and independent. He has a wolf six from 2020 potchies and has been made daily. Shikori shopkeeper is also from Saitama's Tokoro. His high school age classmates also lived in Hidaka City, and there is a memorable memorable to play well. I remember that I had a sense of excitement that I went to a little resort for the same prefecture. There is also a good thing, and it was a shopkeeper (simple!) I had since the feeling of myself.

I usually make a bowl.I'm glad if I could feel free to use it in a dining table every day. As a word, it is possible to play an active part in the daily life above production, andMost of the usability. Size and shape,Thinking as much as possible to the material,Simple, Basic, StandardMr. Muramura, who is preparing for keywords.

Motoyuki Haramura Bear Cup

It is not possible to put out the baking damage to the creation of things
One by one. After making the shape with a roll molding and molding, the picture is diverted to the picture of his wife. Kuma, tri and horse are colored with the Japanese paper called "Japanese paper dye", and the technique of transferring it to the base, Mr. Muramura, Mr. Harimura, Chidori, Chicken and Lobster are in charge of drawing and painting. It is felt that the fluttering rust of flutter and mouth, which is applied to the bottom part, is also felt and the tastes of handmade are out.

Hara-mura Toshiyuki's 10th bird dish

Since it is a porcelain, it is possible to use a dishwasher and a microwave forever. Thank you for your busy life!

The new arrival octagonal platter is about 12 cm in diameter. Small-purpose sizes that can be used small but quite easy to use with your favorite fruits, sweets and treasures.

Octagon small dishworm
Toshiyuki Haramura Horse

Off White Soft Tone Matching White Smooth Touch. Because I feel good, it is a comfortable texture that I want to touch it. The shape of the rim to the rim is also stylish to the octagon that is said to be good!

Octagonal platter lobster
Hara Village Toshiyuki's octagonal platter

Chicken looks like you're doing a fashionable bow tie to a fashionable bow tie with a fashionable bow tie like Afro, a fashionable bow tie (⁉)⁉ さ さ さ さ さ さ!


Octagonal small dish chicken
Hara-mura Toshiyuki's chicken dishes

Toshiyuki Hara-san's cup


"It may not be 100 points on this way even if you continue to make a lifetime, but always make the best work." And Mr. Hara. I am looking forward to the wonderful works from now on!

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Shunoyuki Haramura

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