Traditional and stylish depression of Tobaki Baku Ceramic

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What is Torishiyaki?

It is a ceramic ceramic in Iyo-gun, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture and its surrounding city. According to the life of Oori Lord Lord and Kato Tai, the production of the porcelain has begun about 240 years ago. The foundation of good quality river crisp (Kawanobi) was found in the late Edo, and the base was white and the dyed porcelain of the Susumu. Also,There is a characteristic of a thick ornament shape, and the hardness of the material. There are arthrosities, etc. as typical designs, and other, naze sentences, sons, solar sentences, etc. are also traditional. Currently there are nearly 100 locations and around the area of ​​Tatecho and around there, traditional techniques, and inheriting the picture pattern, new texture grinding is born. 

Ceramic pottery Dado Ceramic (Touisa Masaha and Seiko Toshio)

We will introduce the Date Ceramic Cartwon, which started handling this time.


It is a workshop that runs with three people in the family (Tetsuya Nagato, Mr. Yumu) in the Tomocho of Ehime. Sometimes I'm going to spend my daily life carefully, I'm addicted to my life.

Pounding of the pottery

Typical techniques of Torbaki seizure "stained", the device drawn with reference to the old abrasure partridge of the Edo period feels a contemporary sense. Conversely, it is a design that feels new

Nagato Cartoon

A piling and delicate cracked penetration that is born by using original soil and glaze. Because of the beautiful white base and detailed penetration, if you use it, there is a color transfer or pitching and driving. It will change with time and will be deep enough to use.

Grandpan Ebina Uta

Please enjoy the "your owner" by all means to enjoy your aging change!


Shikori store Lord

The goods of the potteryHere

Ceramic pottery Dado Ceramic

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