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Suzuki Shiobe-san's depression in a soft and friendly feminine atmosphere has arrived!

Suzuki Shiibu's Uta

Atsubu Suzuki, who is coepmergent at home in Tochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya City, variousMade of techniques and style works. Some pottery and semi-magnetic devices are different, but all of Suzuki-san and softer "individual" are displayed. When I asked for handling, while I was exchanged many times, Mr. Suzuki's story is always interesting and always for a long time. And you can see that the rich experience from the young place is the individuality of each guy.

Mr. Suzuki from Tokamachi City in Niigata Prefecture is "I would like to look at people and ideas of various countries.", I think in a junior college of English. He was ready to go to American universities, because he could convert the unit of interest in overseas partners. At such time, he was attracted to the beauty of the color in the world, and he was likely to learn the art that he had previously interested. By accidental or inevitable, he majored in the art department at the United States university, and we were able to learn various things such as oil painting and pottery. So Mr. Suzuki, who thought '' I would like to study art a little more properly '', Mr. Suzuki, using the summer vacation period, takes a picture of the paintings and the beauty of the east coast. He also had a great teacher of the teacher of Beauty, and it seems that I could remain in the university as it is .....

"Even at the same university, the beauty is completely different in various ways. The atmosphere of the university was good, and I thought it would be like learning here. But the United States University wanted to graduate in 2 years I was very lost, and my teacher says '' Art to '' '' '' '' '' I think it would be better to make it when it can be done, but in that case or something like that. If it is not now,
I thought. "

Ultimately, Mr. Suzuki chooses the original North Western university completed as planned. After returning home, he has an opportunity for English to use in foreign-affiliated systems, and also employed a package company that can use the graphic design that is learned at university in the United States. He seems to have fun, but just the PC is spread and society is a large convolutionation period of efficiency. Various things are easy to feel and feel uncomfortable to the process of becoming updating more and more. At such time, there was an opportunity to go to the pottery class that the mother's mother was passing through his hobbies.

"I was able to learn a little pottery at university, so it was a lot of time, but the time I was touching the soil in the classroom was really fun. I also liked to build up something experiences."

After that, to learn ceramics in earnest. Aichi Prefectural Country Senior High School Technology College After completing the design department, I will learn in the Seikan High School Ceramics Map. After graduation, it seems that the way to find a job at the poster and the palators of the ceramic artist, but when so, it is difficult to do another thing that I want to know about the life and ideas of various countries. I thought that I was ... I had a classmate that I was going to be ceramic instruction overseas on an overseas manner in the Idon Overseas Cooperation Corps (JICA / Foreign Ministry of Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in Aichi school. remember. Mr. Suzuki who was interested in developing countries instead of developed countries, fit the department of the Cooperator and gets a special note. The dispatch destination is Elsado Battle in Latin America. It was a duty called pottery guidance for two years.

"The town may have a soil for ceramic artificial artificial artifacts, and the Belgium people made a workshop and tried to make it up as an industry, and the electric kiles and shakuro are left as they are. That equipment is ready Sometimes there were, and the city's leader uses it to use it again
It seems that the talk came to the Idean Overseas Cooperation Corps (JICA) whether it will not be excited. "Before going to the site, I think it would be taught in places like school, and in fact, only one creating hand. It seems that it has been trial and error that it is not "no, no, no" to make selling souvenirs and souvenirs. Japan is different from Japan, and I think that life in developing countries was different and there were many hardships, but Mr. Suzuki who is smiling to "it was fun!"

That's the most interesting of the experience, it was said that it was said that the essential things that are the origin of pottery = "Baked goods are the culture of the landwear". '' The local mom is a house of a house in a busy houseworkShe uses soils that can be taken by the sideShe looks at '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' 'baked in the soil crucible, which she creates a cutchet in an instant and cooking everyday .. That's right.

Work area at home of Mr. Suzuki.

Suzuki Shiibu's work place

Here is a lot of wonderful works.

Suzuki Shiobe's Studio

A sink that is created because it is Mr. Suzuki who has been experienced. Of course I am carefully created one by one, but somewhat natural fluctuations and deflections remain, and it is evidenced to express warmth and softness unique to hand work.

Raviier water and oyster tree

Raviie water with a wonderful deflection of Suzuki Shiibe

Raviier water flowers and bees
Suzuki Shiobe's appetizer

Suzuki Shiobe Feminine
The soil uses the soil of the beloved. In the technique of the line, groove the lower picture and put a color there. Since the pattern is put in front of the baked and baking with a glaze, the painting is a light soft atmosphere.

Embroidery 5 pieces
Embroidery sentence 6 pieces
Suzuki Shiibei Switching Dish
Suzuki Shiibu embroidery dish mail orderI am striking with the Limit Technology and Ichin. Detective tints and gentle shades will carry smiles and kindness.

Some tricks

Suzuki Shiibu's fashionable suspicionSuzuki Shiobe's spare dish

The round pattern of the Susuma color that feels warmth is fashionable. Since the size is about 14.5 cm x about 14.5 cm square, desserts and sweets dishes are also active in all-purpose dishes.

Tile dish bird one wing
Two tile dishes birds
Suzuki Shiobe's bird tile dish

This is a hardware work. Baked with a photo. If you look closely, you will feel the taste depth unique to half magnetic units, as small iron flours like small sesame.

Suzuki Shiobe's tile dish
It will be an interior of a nice room.
You will see a blue pattern in a white tasteful taste with a slight bluish transparency.

Octagonal bowl
Suzuki Shiobe's pot

This is also a half machine.Octagonal is the meaning of octagonal. As it is painting after applying a glaze, it is thicker. White impression than tile dishes. The dot pattern of the rim part will bring you a dish.

Suzuki Shiobe's Appetizer online for sale

Dyust Hana no Horn

Suzuki Shiobe's small bowl

Small bowl of half machine. Because it is baked by reducing calcination, the blue gray color taste. Mr. Suzuki who loves antique is Japan's feelings of the Western atmosphere.

First of all, I want a person to use. There is a loving to the kindness of Suzuki and love for pottery.

Mr. Suzuki who is still interested in various things. Surely it will be able to create a nice piece from now on. I'm looking forward to it!

Suzuki Shiibu's UtsukiHere
Suzuki Shiibu's Uta mail order

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