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Mr. Shinshi Watanabe, which is ceramic with the "Ceramic Buoya" socket. This time I asked for a lot of stories in the new arrival!

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When I was in summer, I visited Watanabe's workshop by bicycle. A lot of slopes is a bicycle crying place, and even if you go while watching the map, it will not be understood for some time to know the location, and it will be a deployment of dual six. Especially the wife of the public morning,Hojo Hikari's place, who is also a home of Hojo KojiKita Kamakura is a rich terrain that is rich in relief,A path that can not be passed on foot, steep slopes andThe stairs are everywhere. There is also the cause of the topography and the primary forest that is scattered, and Kitamakura is comfortable and the flow of the wind is comfortable, and why the wonders and feelings are calm and calm. It is often known that the sensitive people such as artists and writers have moved and received. Mr. Watanabe's home and workbox is in a residential area where the mountain path has been raised, and it is created in a studio that a wonderful wind blows a nice wind."There is a great slope on the way," and Mr. Watanabe, despite the fact that Watanabe, the shopkeeper who gave me greetings in the figure of the sweat Dala dala. I must sincerely apologize!

Watanabe was from Chiba Prefecture and was learning and learned from Musashino Museum of Art University.
afterwards,He engaged as a staff at Nao Ceramyo (here he's like he is a wonderfulness). He was built in Kamakura in 2006. Currently, students are also taught as a lecturer at Komazawa Women's University. The scene "Oshiya" is to close the family of family businesses, which was held by Chiba 's family, and considered that only the shop is attached, and the name was taken over as a pottery.

Because the porcelain restaurant (the shop selling the soil), which was alive so far, is discontinued.Ashkan finished through trial and error in new soil.New ash graft isMore penetration than before. Ash medicine (Kaisu-Yo, Yo) is a rising graft as a premium of plants. WarmPale yellowAnd delicate penetration very elegant.

Improperated Bond Watanabe's AshleRounding flower footed ash

Shrimp of Hiroshi WatanabeTorsion octagonal dish asulf

Elegant colored taste will be delicious.

Watanabe Shige Ashlage Oval Dish
Watanabe Hanashi's oval dish
Oval dish ash

Yamasaki (Wasabi Yu) is a texture that is refreshing.

Watanabe Shei's Yamazaki Akira 八 皿Torsion 八 角 山 釉

A bright color taste among Watanabe's work.

Yamagami Akashi of Watanabe Hanashi

The stylish mountain grass grass color is perfect for Japanese food, Western and desserts, and sweets.

Watanabe Shinichi's Wasabi Sakai

Black grass is an antique texture that looks like metal but also like metal.

Watanabe Shinsei's Black Grass Tray StoreRounding flower footed black

Watanabe Hanashi's compote plateHigh-speed plate black

Firing in the technique of carbonization calcination. Baking with charcoal, carbon carbon is affected by the glaze, and a unique texture is created.

Watanabe Shinichi's black glaze octagonal plateOctagonal plate black

The pattern drawn by the drip technique.Low will make a pattern using the nature of the rattling.

Watanabe Shinsei blackenerSeven fried cut flowers
Low seven sharproof flowers

This is a motif of the flower.
Watanabe Shige's Mochi Flower Motif

Flowers are in some areas of Japan,New Year decorations decorated prayed for five grain rich harvests for a year. It is a depression that is likely to be very active on Halle's day.

I was disturbed by the workshop just coronaHabitWhen I was showing a little bit calm. We asked for the work as a greeting. There is also the same age, and the story is completely longer than derailment.(⇒ It is almost the case of the store!)As it is a neighborhood, I thought it would be possible to see again next time, but after that, the situation of corona infected person is not calm again. Unfortunately, I did not take most photos in the studio. I think that I would like to disturb you in the next opportunity.

Watanabe's many years old buddy pots.
Watanabe Shiichi-san Kobo Visit Watanabe Shiichi-san Kobo Visit

When I was asked, such a preceding anxiety and our shop have just started shops, and I remember that I had a calm atmosphere of Mr. Watanabe, who was a big pattern, and a good smile, and an elegant work Is.

"Food" that can not be indispensable to live. It is important to live and rich in life. Every day, the instrument always makes it more delicious, "the important role that creates the air of the dining table" and Mr. Watanabe. With such a thought, I carefully make works carefully every day.

Thank you very much for your busy places. We look forward to wonderful works in the future!

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