The charm of the crimp technique of Sakashita Hanako's kneading technique

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(Updated on April 17, 2021)

Masuko's writer Saka Hanako is a pretty technique called "kneading". She combines various colored porcelains to express various patterns.

Morning instrument writer Saka Shoko

This time, new friends have increased mainly of popular four-way dishes!

Sakashita Hanako Square Corporation

Sakashita's work is a lot of light and sloppy pallet, such as the color of the ancient times of Japan, and I feel a unique sense of color consumption. It is a style that receives a sophisticated design but also a relaxed impression.

A four-way dish of Sakashita Hanako's kneaded with bright and fun

Mr. Sakashita from Tokyo graduated from Musashino Art University,
He is learning ceramic art at Aichi Prefectural Tachimizu High Technology Specialty School. He then experienced it in the Kinomoto of Mashiko-cho, and is independent in 2010 and the workshop is held. If you talk, it is Sakashita, a friendly atmosphere as Hongwa, but her "kneading" technique was learned almost by looking at books, and it seems to have learned.

Sakashita Hanako's check bowl

"There is a very kind book (how to make a kneading). Please refer to it. But there are many things to fail, and why you're doing something such a big thing ... I feel like I try to try it for the time being. And Sakashita.

Even if she wants to aim, the pattern can not be drawn so that it can not be drawn and struggles. Even though I thought "I was able to do it!", The degree of contraction of the various porcelain steadets that combined, so it is often broken if it is baked with a bowl. Repeat attempt and error and make no two products. Each one is not, it is just only one.

Four-way dishes Shipping pattern Yellow X thin purple
Four-way dishes Shiori pattern Turkish blue x Yamable
Sakashita Hanako's four-side dish mail order
Sakashita flower bread plate

Four-way dish grid pattern gray
Four-way dishes lattice pattern amazing
Sakashita flower bread plate

Vowl with very cute gingham check and lattice pattern is also arrived! There is also a taste.

Horn bowl grid pattern
Horn bowl Gingham check

Sakashita Hanako Square Bowl
Sakashita Hanako check bowl mail order

Since it is a calm tint and texture, it is easy to match various depressions unexpectedly, and the coordination is criticized. Of course, if you match the same pattern, it will be fashionable. It will be fine just by thinking about what to match.

Sakashita Hanako checked plate

Mugs are also the same as one point in this world, so it is an article that you want to enjoy the individual difference.

Mug vertical pattern pattern Blue X gray
Mug vertical pattern Turkish blue x Yamable
Magg of Sakashita Hanako

A "quail hand" that has been named because it is similar to the wings of 鶉 (quail). It is one of the traditional techniques of kneading. It is a tasteful colorful colorful colorful colorful colorful colorful color taste, and it is stylish and it feels stylish and it feels warm.

Round bowl quail pattern brown x gray

Sakashita Hanako Uzura Hand Uta Mail Order

Roundfood quail pattern brown x dark tea
Sakashita Hanako Online sales
Sakashita Hanako's Uzura Hand Uta

Round plate mosaic pattern Yellow x blue
Sakashita Hanako net shop
Sakashita flower tray

It is said that it is said that it is difficult to make Ross easy to produce. "Just the point is bad." Sakashita-san, who is very smiling, but I thought it would be a very hard person at the very effort.

The back is a shame. Because it is not a glaze, it is a bit easy to stain. It is something that can be said to be all of the pottery, but after use, wash immediately and dry well and then save it. And advice.

Mr. Sakashita, thank you for your busy time.
I am looking forward to seeing you again!

Sakashita Hanako's productsHere

A wonderful knot Hanshin Hanako

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