Tiles' attraction in pottery

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I talked to Mr. Nakagawa who is ceramic in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture.

Mr. Nakagawa can not drop the world of industrial tiles into pottery? It is cramped on the theme of When I first saw Mr. Nakagawa's work, I remember I was moved by nostalgicity like Showa Retro and a stylish balance that woven a rich individuality.

The home bath wall is the design of '' tile style '',If this is the actual tile, it is more wonderful ...It is triggered that I thought,Because tiles and vessels are also good with the same grilled things,I thought that I could have a wonderful work when it fused. Mr. Nakagawa.

It seems to have been produced by an object at university, but while being produced,More than the feeling you want to make"I have to make it"It seems to be a slump. When I worked with it again,I want you to know a large number of people,It does not want to know, through works,As I want to leave for someone's life and life. Just got married timing,I think that I also moved to Tajimi-shi, which has a lottery writer.

Mr. Nakagawa who is actively participating in craft fairs and so on. This is the booth of Mr. Nakagawa, the Shizuoka ART & CRAT creation city last year.

Mr. Nakagawa, who is carefully explained about one piece of work, was impressive to visitors. If you are talking, you will be fine until you're going to be fine.


This time I handle it in our shop Mug.
It is a work of Mr. Nakagawa who is always the color of cold color system, but this time, I asked for a color of brightness.

I think it is surprising if it is a woman, but I can not drink tea and coffee with a mug.I want a little small mug! It is also perfect for those.

Produced using masking tape.
First of all, after tape sticking, the tape peeling and one color coding and correction. Then baked. Mr. Nakagawa seems to be very favorite process of this tape.

Since the soil uses Seto Soil, it will be an article of the porcelain.

Here is the color and design of the atmosphere of anywhere. It became a shopkeeper's favorite.Since copper is contained in glaze, it is black that can be crystallized at the time of cooling. I will create an antique texture. It seems that the speed of cooling is fast and it will be black. It is an exquisite feeling of feeling around.


Of course, it can respond to various designs, of course,It is important to cherish the form of decoration.

Nakagawa: Thank you very much for your love and nice works! I'm looking forward to it from now on!


Nakagawa Yunato's workHere

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