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What is Mino Yaki?

Mitsuyaki is a generic term for ceramics manufactured in the southeastern part of Gifu Prefecture (Toki City, Tajimi City, Mizunami City, Children). Higashiro region is the largest ceramic production base in Japan, and in Japan, Toki City is known as a town of Japan, which boasts more than 50% share of Japan 's whole share. Division of products and divided into diviliations are specialized in each region, and one technique is improved. Beauty-grilled wolf is distributed nationwide, and it became a large land of dishes. In 1978, the Traditional Industry Ministry of Traditional Traditional Traditional Traditional Trade and Industry (Province of Economy, Trade and Industry) is certified as a traditional craft.

The history of grilled baked goods is old, and in Heian period, it was baked from the grass, ash (Kaisho, Aoi) and Hakusan teacup (Yama-chan, Yamaji-do). In the Momoyama era, potter flows from Seto, and the fourth figures of Yukyase, Seto Black, Shino, and Wovieties were born with the development of tea hot water.

With the history of beauty dense
Founded 100 years Kaneko coached ceramic pottery

Mr. Koji Ito (Koyo), "Kaneko Ceramic", "Kaneko Ceramic" was found on the mountains of Mitsuhito-cho, Gifu-cho, Gifu Prefecture (1921). Shimoyuki-cho had a ceramic steadetary that matched the molding in a long time, and he was mainly created by the gods Budden.

Sometimes the flow of flowing second generation Ito 代 代. In the advanced economic growth period, we are prepared by pub and pubs used by tavern and restaurant. The production volume is the production volume of the time, and it is called "Seijiya of the Toku Buyer".

Currently, Mr. Katsuri, the third generation takes over the kiles and protects the tradition and history of the beauty dense and creates a new octure.

This time we handle in our shopLinker SilenceIs the masters of NY's interior design world "Roman AND Williams (Roman & William)"Rinka" with a double name, and the popularity of the new yoker has been fired. This fall is also popular with the United States and Europe, including London's long-established department store Liberty (Liberty).

Mino baked Lynnka plate
Money Saki's Kaneko Corp.

Even though it is a porcelain, a warm taste like a pottery is because the craftsman is finished with one person. The temperature of the kilns burns up with a round day at about 1,300 degrees. Empressing changes such as seasonal and climate, making fine adjustment and carefully created.

Beauty dense white ring flower plate

Since the microwave (maximum degree of temperature) and dishwasher can be used, it is a busy daily personIt is good!

Money burn Rinka

Even though it is a Japanese dish, it is perfect for the Western-style coordination. Soft texture white Utsuwa matches any tableware.

Mino baked Lynnka plate

The product of this time is as follows.

Small bowl 8 cm

12 cm in small bowl
Small bowl 21 cm
Soup cup
Plate 15.5cm
Plate 17 cm
Plate 24cm
Oval plate 18 cm
Oval plate 30 cm

A fortune ceramic pottery that has been made to deliver "small happiness" to a daily life while cherishing the history and tradition of beauty dense. It is a wonderful depression with many livers in the world, and there are fun with fun outstanding rice roses.

う う う う う う
Kaneko coached potteryHere


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