Glass Kagami and Snow Soya Set (Kuraku Temple Corporation)

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It is a glass kagakura appeared in a glass form!

Kagami is the meaning of the year of age God's fortune and ability, and it means that you wish for a year-old disease.A large and small two-year-heavenly bowl is an indispensable thing in Japan's New Year, as a bad thing with a keen of fortune.

Kurakuraku studio

The Kurakushi Temple Corporation is from Kamakura togetherIwazawaShiro ShiroMr. Kukai is a workshop held by a couple. There are many kinds of works of gentle texture and are made carefully.

Kurakuraku studio

The surface of the glass cirrigic sake is a slightly worthwhile feeling, and it is a look like a real chopsticks.

Glass reluctant mirror

It is created using the state of the glass before melting completely, so fine air bubbles express the surface of chopsticks very well. In addition, the unevenness of orange (Daimyo) 's eyebrow is also cute and carefully finished it carefully.

Kurako-san Glass Mirror Magusa

Glass writer mirror

Of course, I'm glad to be available every year!In addition, Kagami is the day of the end of the "eight". It is considered good to decorate on December 28th.

SizesmallDuring ~BigHave prepared. It seems to be able to enjoy it according to the size of the room.

Mirror coffin that can be used every year

Large: Vertical 10.3cmx horizontal 15.5 cmx height 1 cm
Medium: vertical 7.9 cmx horizontal 9.9 cmx height 1 cm
Small: Vertical 5.9cmx horizontal 8.2 cmx height 1 cm

The black pedestal is also set, so it will be decorated soon.

This time, a new winter specification that seems to be useful for the houseOne mouthOnlyglassIt is also in stock.

Snowy goldfish knob of glass

It seems that goldfish-chan is swimming in the water where the ice is on.

Kurakuraku temple drinking drunkWriter's goldfish snowflake glass

A time with a lot of gatherings such as Christmas and New Year. Isn't it more than you spent at home with a more family this year? If you spend a good time with your favorite item, you should have a topic. Also, there is no doubt that you will surely be pleased with a gift for an important person who likes it.

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