[New arrival] Hana Craft's new fellow has increased!

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A new companion has arrived from "Hana Craft", who is coepmergent at the couple in Ibaraki!

Hana Craft

This time, fashionable and elegant items have been joined, including the flower vessels and 7 sides, and the six-sided rim dishes.


Hana Craft Vase

The moment I had a luggage, I missed my voice and leaked. It is a beauty that really hides in love.

Hanae Craft Black Generation Floral

It will be a picture even if you leave it. The atmosphere of the room seems to be glamorally at once.
By putting the ink in penetration, there is also the effect of not leaving a dirt in addition to the role of decoration. It is not possible to get the ink once you put it.

Black craft vase
Hanae A Floral device B
※ It is the same product, but there are individual differences. A is a slight round.

This is a 7-dimensional rim ring flower plate of ink penetration.

7 dimensions of 7 dimensions of new crafts
7-dimensional Limous Museum Flower Pula | Tattoo Content

We also offer oysters. The bright color of the brightness will make you feel relieved.

Hana Craft Uta ()

7-dimensional limous flower plate | 飴

There is a feeling of glamorous presence because there are about 4 cm wide.

Hana Kraft Tattoo penetration

7-dimensional limous flower plate | Tattoo penetration
Rim 鎬 | 取り | 釉
Piggyback Takumi dish | Tattoo penetration

Japanese food is perfect for Western food. Cooking shines fashionable!

Midori Kazuo

There is a little depth, so it is also a shame. It is a depression that you want to collect in the series.

Hana Craft's productsHereFrom

Hana Craft's Uta

I was disturbed by the kraft's workshop. I heard a writer's storyHereFrom

Hana Craft Studio Visit


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